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Wednesday Weekly #3

One of the things I have noticed since starting this blog is that my sense of seasons has been shifted back two weeks. Like a lot of you sewers out there, I am planning my fall sewing projects and eyeing up flannels and wool at the fabric shop. Meanwhile it is still 26 degrees outside and I’m sweating in my little sewing room (aka my living room).  I’m very excited about fall, so it’s not a bad thing to be dreaming of cooler days, but it’s important to appreciate the warm weather days while they are here too!



Karen launched the Made Up Initiative last week, benefitting the National Literacy Trust.  People can donate on the Justgiving page, and it is exciting to announce that they have already surpassed their goal of £1,000 ($2050 CAD or $1567 USD), and are now sitting at £1,560.74.  Go to the page to make your donation and then pledge to make something before September 10th ( it can be anything, it doesn’t have to be sewing or knitting). I’ve seen so many great pledges out there so far, it will be really fun to see everyone’s makes. I pledged to make my first pair or Tania Culottes by Megan Neilson Patterns.

Debbie from Lily Sage and Co. has released the much anticipated Splash Swimsuit!  I’ll definitely be making one of these at some point in the next year, those high waisted bottoms are awesome.

Gillian is starting the Better Pictures Project, an exciting 6 months of talking about blog photography with some of the best sewing bloggers out there.



Rochelle has kicked off Sewing Indie Month already with her awesome Melissa Skirt.

Jenny made a pretty and practical Southport Dress to wear to a wedding down in sunny Mexico.  She looks gorgeous in this print and the picture of the Crafty Fox team together is awesome!

The Re-fashioners 2015 challenge is well underway over at Makery.  Check out what some people have done so far with their mens shirt refashion challenge.  I just finished cutting up my shirt – gotta get sewing!

Novita made a couple of pairs of lace brazilians from Booby Traps Patterns (best name for a lingerie pattern company ever). They turned out great!  Maybe this is where I’ll start my lingerie sewing journey – no need to jump right into bras amirite?

Amanda made a Brumby Skirt, one of my favourite skirt patterns out there at the moment. I love her pocket lining and zipper details – great topstitching!

Lauren made another gorgeous Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress.  Sadly the pattern is discontinued, but there are many other wrap dress patterns to choose from!

Marrisa made both the new Sewaholic Nicola & Harwood Dresses.  I absolutely adore both of these patterns, the Nicola is patiently waiting in my sewing cue for this fall.

Rachel designed a great bodice so she could modify her Ultimate Pencil Skirt into a dress!  I love this print and the photo with the life preserver is amazing.



Melissa did a great post on how to sew with elastic thread.

The Curvy Sewing Collective posted their list of best sewing patterns for curvy beginners.

The Sewing Loft is helping us decode our selvages.


I recently made the switch to Bloglovin’ for following all my blogs and so far it has been really great!  I can keep up with all my blogs and only see the latest content. I have also added my blog to Bloglovin – you can follow me on there.
I also found this great video this week, showcasing 1oo years of fashion.  My favourite outfit is the 1930’s, what’s yours?

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