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A Couple of Larks

As many of you know, I am completely taken with sewing knits since my first knit success, the Sallie Dress.  I wanted to keep my excitement going this week by participating in the Lark Tee Sewalong.  The lark tee is the latest pattern from Grainline Studios, and I have a feeling it will be skyrocketing to fame in the blogosphere in the next few weeks. 

Lark Tee by Helen's ClosetLark Tee by Helen's Closet     Lark Tee by Helen's Closet

The lark tee is a very versatile and flattering garment. With 4 variations included, it offers 16 possible combinations.  If you use your imagination it is practically endless! Jen has promised a few tutorials at the end of the sewalong, including a cardigan hack and a rounded hem variation.   I’ve already been dreaming of deeper scoop necks and tank top versions for myself.

Lark Tees by Helen's Closet Lark Tee by Helen's Closet

I have never made a t-shirt before.  I always thought of t-shirts and tank tops as ready-to-wear basics, something I pick up at H&M when my current ones are showing their age.  I am still a bit baffled by where this idea came from, and I am extremely happy to have realized that I can, in fact, make basics!  and sew knits! and stop shopping at H&M!  You guys, this just got real…

Lark Tee by Helen's Closet     Lark Tee by Helen's ClosetLark Tee by Helen's Closet

I made both of my Larks with the standard t-shirt sleeve and the scoop neck.  The berry coloured one was first, and it went off without a hitch!  I did pull the fabric a bit when hemming one of the arms, but it wasn’t too noticeable after a wash.  Once the first one was complete I powered on through to the second version, made with a gorgeous bamboo lycra blend.  OMG this fabric, seriously, it’s the softest.  It doesn’t look like much in these photos so you’ll just have to take my word for it 😛

Lark Tee by Helen's ClosetLark Tee by Helen's Closet

One difference I made from the first to the second version was that I did a larger zig-zag stitch for the hem on the second version.  I don’t have a serger but I wanted to maximize the stretch on the garment so I can pull it on easily – it is a t-shirt after all.  The larger zig-zag provides more stretch, and surprisingly doesn’t look any more obvious.  The grey version also fits a bit better than the berry one, but that is all due to the difference in fabric quality.  

Lark Tee by Helen's ClosetLark Tee by Helen's Closet     Lark Tee by Helen's Closet

I opted not to topstitch the shirt collar, but I may add it yet.  I was having one of those moments where I got scared that I might ruin the garment, so maybe after I wear it a bit I will add it in. I have already worn both of these shirts twice! In one week!

Lark Tee by Helen's Closet
Lark Tee by Helen's Closet
Lark Tee by Helen's Closet

I’m excited to see your Larks, and I hope you are as excited as I am about this pattern!


Final Stats:

Total project time:  Approximately 2 hours each 

Fabric: 1.25 meters of cotton lycra blend (berry coloured shirt) and 1.25 meters of bamboo lycra blend (grey t-shirt).

Pattern: Lark Tee by Grainline Studios

Adjustments: None!


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Helen Wilkinson is the designer and founder of Helen's Closet Patterns. She also co-hosts the Love to Sew Podcast! Helen is obsessed with all things sewing and strives to share her passion and knowledge with the sewing community.

12 Comments on “A Couple of Larks”

  1. They are both great!! Isn’t bamboo the best?
    If you want to stop shopping at H&M forever, watch the True Cost.

  2. Amazing Helen!

    I know I keep talking about how I’m transitioning away from Ts entirely, but these shirts (and omg that fabric) are making me rethink that transition!

    !! Knits !!

    1. Thanks Drew! I think tees will always have a place in my wardrobe, even if it is just for throwing on while watching TV. Or for doing yoga! I think we need some yoga tees….

  3. Give up t-shirts? Don’t be crazy Drew! I live in basics, you’re tempting me to start sewing again. Love the colour of the cranberry. KNITS!

    1. Do it, Jodi! My mom always sewed my halloween costumes and fancy garments for me as a kid, it was so much fun to help pick the fabrics and learn to sew. Not to mention what a great skill it would be to have up at North Bend!

  4. Lovely!!! I’ve also recently realised that I could finally get a t-shirt that fits properly by making it myself! I think I’m going to use the Colette / Seamwork Mesa as my basis though, as it fits really well, and I can’t justify buying yet more patterns at the moment! x

  5. Lovely tees! Once you start with knits, it’s hard to go back to wovens. Everything is so comfy and fitting is much, much easier.

    1. Very true, the fitting part of the project was non-existent! Luckily fall is a very knit-friendly season. I’m sure I’ll crave another button up shirt soon though 🙂

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