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Wednesday Weekly #13

What?!  It’s November?! Seriously, how did this happen?  One second I’m wearing a light cardigan to work and the next I’m layering sweater upon sweater just to leave the house – ugh. That Cascade Duffle Coat is starting to look mighty appealing!  Are you all frantically knitting and sewing warm weather goodies?  My dear friend Conor is going to teach me how to knit this weekend!  At least, he is going to try to teach me the most basic form of knitting…..I know nothing about knitting…it’s easy, right?  And fast?  That’s what I hear…

Wednesday Weekly Helen's Closet


Thread Theory released a plethora a new items into their shop. Head over there to check out mens knitting patterns, menswear books, and quality sewing goods, oh my!



This collection of beautiful coats was very inspiring.  Time to go wool shopping!

Charlie’s coatigan is truly to die for.  That binding on the inside seams!  It must have been so much work, but it was worth it.

I love the striped lining and fur collar on Heather’s new coat.  It looks like a great piece for fall and winter.

These handmade espadrilles by Rachel are too awesome for words.

Drew shared his Negroni Shirt story over on his blog, it’s a very impressive project for a beginner sewer and it turned out beautifully!

Chei made a gorgeous cross backed chambray shirt.

Winnie’s Ultimate Pencil Skirt is really pretty.  I love floral skirts, I’ve got one on the worktable right now!

I really like Sallie’s Grainline Archer variation on the mood sewing blog.  I agree that a chambray shirt is the perfect wardrobe staple.



Rhonda has started pattern drafting a skirt from a photo, so you can follow along to see the process.



I enjoyed Jen’s post this week on building a handmade wardrobe.  I find myself reaching for my me-made garments more and more, and letting go of the feeling that things need to be perfect or else they may look ‘homemade’.  People are never anything but floored when I tell them i made something I’m wearing, whether it’s a simple cloth bag or a fully lined jacket.

Megan’s birthday post about her sewing story was so sweet.  I love all the little barbie clothes she made as a kid!



I know I’m just beginning my knitting journey, but how cool are these bento bags?  I mean, not just for knitting, they would make great gift bags for Christmas too!

I stumbled upon the Sundance jacket by Green Style Creations this week.  What an amazing pattern!  I love the pleated back design.

This McCalls Pattern Behaviour tumblr blog is hilarious!  Definitely read through them all, so good!  Here is a couple to get you hooked 🙂


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  1. I would say knitting isn’t hard, but like all physical talents, it takes time and practice to become proficient. I know everyone wants to knit fast, but in the beginning concentrate more on consistency and uniformity of your stitches. You will only be happy with your final knitted items if they look like the same person knitted the entire thing at the same gauge. I think it is the biggest single skill you need as a knitter, the ability to knit the same way every day and get uniform consistent stitch size. After that, everything else falls into place. Speed comes later with repetition and as you become more confident.

    1. Thanks for the tips, Lynn! My first lesson was fairly successful, I learned knit and pearl and was able to make some ribbing! I’m already hooked, what a relaxing and meditative pastime! It is much more portable than sewing too, haha.

  2. Thank you for featuring my button up! I am sewing up for colder weather…Just finished BurdaStyle Parka, and I’m thinking of making a few Nettie bodysuits for laying. xo

    1. My pleasure, Chie! I am always so impressed with your makes! Ive been thinking of making a couple Netties myself…not enough time for sewing!!!

  3. I’m dying! that tumbler is hilarious!!! Of course I also love the chambray tops and Charlie’s coatigan, but that tumbler is too funny!

    Thanks also for the mention – I’m proud of my shirt, and so grateful for the help you kindly furnished – not to mention the photography!

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