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Wednesday Weekly #46

Happy Thursday, makers!  I fell behind this week, but I still wanted to get this amazing roundup of beautiful makes to you, even if it is technically a day late!  This is the problem with naming your weekly roundup after a certain day, I may have to rethink this.  Also, heads up that I will be taking a brief hiatus from the roundups for 2 weeks, I will miss curating these posts, but I am in for a busy mid-summer and I need to take something off my plate 🙂  When I get back, expect the BIGGEST weekly yet.  In the mean time, I have scheduled a bunch of fun posts and I’m excited to share some of my summer sewing with you!

Wednesday Weekly Helen's Closet

Clockwise from top left: Sweet Shard, Joiles Bobbins, Fabricate.

It was a slow week for pattern news, let me know if I missed any exciting pattern releases!  Otherwise, enjoy these awesome creations from fellow sewists <3


This Kielo Wrap dress from Jolies Bobbins is absolutely smashing. 

Check out this awesome Martha Dress from A Magnificent Thread.

Ashlee’s Winslow Culottes make me so happy!

Don’t miss these cool photos of a simple white fringe top from Sweet Shard.

Christine’s shibori Sophie Swimsuit is blowing my mind.

Two Gorgeous Granvilles this week from Made by Meg and from Adventures of a Young Seamstress.

I am loving this simple tank from Sew Anemone, and she paired it with her Winslows! 😀

This basic black Morris blazer from Fabricate is stunning.

Sarah’s Helga shirt is making me swoon. Check out that awesome digital print!

I cannot express enough love for Sue’s harem pants.  Seriously, Sue, those are incredible.

A very modern and cool Ailakki Jumpsuit from Diary of a Chain Stitcher.

These Winslows from Thread Bear Garments are the stuff dreams are made of.

Thread Bear Garments - Winslow Culottes



Karen from Did You Make That shares ideas for things to do when it is too hot to sew.

Melly Sews Shows us how to make pom-pom fringe shorts.



I am blown away by this series of photographs by @visitnorway and their @sheepwithaview account.  Shared by Fringe Association.

The Momentary Silence of Sheep

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11 Comments on “Wednesday Weekly #46”

  1. You likey? LOL…thanks so very much for the feature today Helen! I really appreciate the love. And thanks also for such a great, summery round-up of sewing projects. Perhaps that’s why we finally have some real summer weather this morning!

    1. Isn’t it just the most beautiful day?! I don’t know that I can take credit for that, but positive sewing vibes can’t hurt, right? I have a pair of harem pants that I wear all the time, but I also live on Commercial Drive, so it is only natural 🙂

  2. Girl, I think what you meant to say was “Who would like to volunteer to write my weekly rounds up for a few weeks?” Because I’m sure some one would! Didn’t you and I do that once for Closet Case Files? (I think that was you – I feel like that’s how I came across your blog!)

    1. Yes! That is such a good idea and I wish I had thought of it sooner. I’m already in the thick of things and honestly don’t even have time to put the word out/organize guest posts 🙁 Next time I will remember this, though, it was really fun and nice to get to post for Heather last year!!

  3. So honored to be in the WW! And in such good company, really amazing stuff.Great suggestion to call for guest posts… I bet you’d have no problem finding enthusiastic fellow bloggers (like me!)

  4. Thanks so much for the mention Heather – and beside some great makes too! Loving the Winslow culottes and Sweet Shard’s fringe top 🙂

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