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Wednesday Weekly #49

Happy Wednesday everyone! I am currently in the midst of perfecting the fit on the By Hand London Flora dress because I am making it to wear in my sister’s wedding next month.  I am scared to cut into the actual fabric until I know the dress fits perfectly, so I am making a wearable muslin first.  After a full bust adjustment, the Flora is fitting just as I would like.  I am finally getting used to doing proper fitting and enjoying the process rather than getting frustrated.  It is such a big part of sewing and by embracing it as part of the sewing process, I’m avoiding getting too disheartened or annoyed when problems arise.  Do you like fitting?  Do you find you don’t know what adjustments to make to get the right fit?  Let me know in the comments!

Wednesday Weekly Helen's Closet

News (clockwise from top left)

Christine Haynes released the Rumi tank and dress.  I am beyond excited about this pattern, you guys, I’m gonna finally sew some basics…I swear.

Colette is offering a fall wardrobe building bundle, get 4 of their patterns for the price of three!

A little sneak peak at what’s coming next from Itch To Stich with the Bonn shirt and dress call for testers.

Thread Theory has expanded their shop to include menswear patterns from other designers.

Sew Caroline released the Magnolia Shorts.



I love the idea of separates that combine to be a dress, like this gorgeous chiffon combo from This Blog Is Not For You.

The latest creation from Sew Urbane has completely blown my mind, as always.

The pattern matching on this bomber jacket from Sewionista is sooo satisfying. 

I have been thinking about long cardigans for fall, check out this version from Doppelnaht. 

A gorgeous yellow sundress from Crafty Clyde, and you can sewalong!

Some seriously impressive athletic wear over on Miss Celies Pants. 

I am crazy for these culottes from Sew Pamona.

Check out this fun reversible Osaka skirt from Craft Rambler.



I’m not sure I will ever need this, but here is a great tutorial on making your own shoulder pads from Sew For Victory.

Beth from Sew DIY goes over her experience with four different lounge bra patterns.

These DIY thread storage ideas are so cool! I need something like this…



These paintings from Romanian artist Aitch are truly stunning.  You can check out her work on her website, or purchase it from her shop!

AitchAitch Aitch


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  1. I hate fitting my top! I wear a UK GG cup (US J cup) but have a tiny frame (28 band…) so it’s really tricky to do a large enough FBA without ridiculous darts. I am slowly getting good at splitting my darts into multiples and moving them around but it means any tops require so much fitting that I find taking them on to be quite daunting. Each new dress or top needs at least one tester and a good amount of playing around, so when it works it makes me extremely happy but the thought of doing it often puts me off. Once I get a pattern to work I tend to make several and franken-pattern if I want to change it rather than buy lots of new ones!
    However, fitting my bottom half is great, I know my adjustments now and they are always the same so I confess I just go for it without testing. If you offered me a new pattern to try, I’d rather test a new pair of trousers than a new top, which I think is the opposite to most people!

  2. I am a technical designer/patternmaker by day so I don’t mind doing fit adjustments, it’s just hard to do them on myself! I am in process of saving up for a personal dressform, especially since I am a better draper than flat drafter. Hopefully that will help me and I can stop bugging my co workers to fit my makes on me!

  3. Lovely roundup as usual!
    I used to hate fitting! First off I sewed for a couple years fully expecting the patterns to fit out of the envelope and was very disappointed when they didn’t. Then it occurred to me that they won’t ever fit right away. And I started hating fitting. Mainly because I had no idea what to do and where to even start. Now I quite enjoy fitting. It’s very satisfying to “problemsolve”. A well fitting garment is an amazing thing!

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