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Wednesday Weekly #62

Happy end of the month, makers! I can’t believe how quickly November flew by, can you?  It has been a great month and I am already beginning to reflect back on this year as a whole, too. Does anyone else like thinking about new years resolutions early? Since organizing my stash, I have been pondering a good ratio of stash-busting projects to refashions (I have a lot of thrifted items waiting to be altered) to completely new makes. I think sticking to a ratio will help me use my fabric collection more efficiently, while still allowing myself new fabric and patterns every once and a while for a specific project.  Anyone else have a ratio like this?

Wednesday Weekly Helen's Closet

News (clockwise from top left)

If you’re into making jeans or want to make jeans in the future, snap up this free downloadable e-book on pocket stitching designs from Closet Case Files.

Made-it patterns released the Drop dress and top pattern.

There is a new pattern company in town – check out Honig Design Patterns! Her first dress pattern, the Basel dress, is a contemporary sewing pattern based on a classic silhouette.  



Begonia Sews made my absolute favourite Dropje vest yet. Check out that awesome topstitching on collar darts!

Is this Clare Trench Coat from Ida Aida Sewing for real? Details on how it was made can be found here. 

Two awesome Winslow Culottes were spotted this week! Check out this version from Nightingale & Dolittle, and this version from Emma’s Atelier!

This silk frocktails dress by Funk Bunny’s Garden is simply stunning.

I love when a beautiful garment is photographed in a beautiful place! Check out this ensemble from Prulla.

I am so impressed by this stretch velvet dress from The Sara Project.  I mean, not everyone can pull off a long-sleeved orange velvet midi dress.

Check out this great Holly/Anna mashup dress from The Girl Who Makes Things.

I am loving this Make Lemonade Dita dress from Mp by Maude.



Megan Nielsen is on a roll with two tutorials this week. Learn how to sew princess seams and how to make piping.

Alina Design Co. demonstrates how to draft a new neckline.

Get tips on how to pattern match across shirts from the Curvy Sewing Collective.



I stumbled upon this blog dedicated entirely to the 1930’s trend of beach pajamas! “Elegance, carelessness, lightness, sensuality, a new cult dedicated to the sun.”  I think I should have named my pattern the Winslow Beach Pajamas, no?

Beach Pajamas


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7 Comments on “Wednesday Weekly #62”

    1. It definitely looks like they are achieving that side-drape look using a similar pattern shape, but I doubt it is a copy. I have seen this draping style before so it is probably just another take on that technique 🙂 Have you tried either of them? I am curious if the style would suit me or not.

  1. I haven’t tried either, I actually don’t have much patience for drafting my own stuff, so I never tried drape drape. Since this is a already drafted pattern, I’m interested, but I didn’t want to support intellectual theft. I’m curious about the style too, I’m trying to branch out to more interesting looks.

    1. I made the drape drape top, and I don’t think this is a copy; the DD top is shorter, has cut-on sleeves and a deeper neckline. The side drape technique isn’t seen that often, but isn’t new – I have old pattern drafting books that include it, albeit not in such an exaggerated manner.

  2. Oh, beach pajamas! I just got my hands on some 5m of cotton voile, and that’s exactly what my mind went to. Thanks for sharing some more inspo while I figure out what pattern to go with 🙂

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