Hollyburn Skirt and Short Linden

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Hollyburn & Linden

At the beginning of December, I made a sewing list for this winter and I am slowly but surely making my way through it. I am not likely to get to everything on the list, but I have made some good progress so far with my Archer Shirt and my Puffy vest (yet to be blogged). This week, I whipped up a modified Hollyburn skirt from some wool that was donated to me by my mother’s friend (thanks, Helen!). I am loving this make and it was such a beautiful day for photos, so please forgive my inability to edit them down more.

Hollyburn Skirt and Short LindenHollyburn Skirt and Short Linden
Hollyburn Skirt and Short Linden

In order to achieve the effect of the plaid flowing across the fabric, I eliminated the center front and back seam from the design and moved the zipper to the side. Even though there are pockets on either side, you can still insert an invisible zipper here. I also cut the fabric differently to ensure the look I wanted, here is a picture of my cutting layout.

Hollyburn Skirt Cutting Layout
Hollyburn Skirt and Short Linden Hollyburn Skirt and Short Linden Hollyburn Skirt and Short Linden

Other than that, it is View C of the Hollyburn design (the shortest one), and I think the length is quite cute. The wool makes the skirt hold its shape well and I also added bias binding to the hem so that helps too.

Hollyburn Skirt and Short LindenHollyburn Skirt and Short Linden Hollyburn Skirt and Short Linden Hollyburn Skirt and Short Linden

For the top, I used the Grainline Studio Linden Sweater pattern and made the short-sleeved view. I also cropped it a bit more than in the design, so it would work well with high waisted garments. I have to tell you guys, this sweater is my new favorite thing.  I made it on a whim and I have been wearing it non-stop!! I can’t wait to make more of them, it is so comfy and cute.   

Hollyburn Skirt and Short Linden Hollyburn Skirt and Short Linden
Hollyburn Skirt and Short LindenHollyburn Skirt and Short Linden

We were able to take these shots on a sunny day here in Vancouver, and in case you thought I had found a nice, quiet place to take pictures undisturbed, think again! I think my entire neighborhood was out that day!

Hollyburn Skirt and Short Linden


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20 Comments on “Hollyburn & Linden”

  1. Love the cropped Linden, I have a similar top in mind for the Toaster Sweater. Beautiful skirt finishes! Pretty insides are the best part of handmade clothing.

  2. I just sighed seeing your hong kong seam finishes 🙂 beautiful skirt! As I was working down through your post I was admiring your narrow hem on such a wide circle – then came the inside! So neat around the waist and zipper and a great reminder that things like seams and zippers can me moved around to accommodate the fabric pattern. Love it Helen!

    1. Thanks, Kathleen! I always find that the bias binding makes hemming curved projects a breeze! It stabilizes them and gives such a clean finish.

  3. I love your skirt! And your styling. It is such a cute outfit! I love pretty insides as well 🙂
    Also, kudos to you for not taking photos out in public, but in such a busy place! I am still petrified to be taking photos outside and I completely freeze up!

    1. Thanks, Anya! I am getting better at not caring. I always want to tell people that I made my outfit, so they won’t think I am a total narcissist, but in the end it doesn’t really matter. I know why I am taking my pics and I love getting good shots, so I just go for it!

  4. Beautiful outfit, and lovely seam finishes. I too am getting more into a cropped look with boxy tops – it can really help balance the proportions of an outfit.

    1. I couldn’t agree more! And lucky for us, the boxy crop top is one of the easiest and more fabric -efficient projects out there!

  5. These are so fantastic! I hardly noticed the top at first because of that beautiful plaid, but once I took a closer look I want to make a Linden just like that! You have the perfect combination of relaxed and stylish in these pieces!

    1. Thank you, Kelly! I really like the two together, and the Linden in particular is my go-to piece these days. I just throw it on over any sundress and it is winterized!

  6. These are both great alone and together! I haven’t jumped on the Hollyburn train yet (looks like I should – yours is adorable!) but I did make the long-sleeved Linden last week. I’m ready to cut into more fabric for the short-sleeved version. Good to know it pairs well with a flared skirt!

    1. Thanks! The hollyburn is definitely a TNT pattern for me, I love the shape and the pockets and waistband are perfect for me. I can’t wait to make more short Lindens, too!!

  7. Your cropped top looks great with this skirt! How lucky that you were gifted such beautiful fabric, it really deserves those pretty insides!

    1. It makes the pattern so quick to sew! I don’t wear my hollyburns that often, either, but when its cold and you still want to wear a skirt, a wool version is so much fun to throw on!

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