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Toaster Sweater #1

How could I resist making this season’s most popular indie pattern, the Sew House Seven Toaster Sweater!? It has been regularly popping up on my Instagram feed and blogroll and I am loving every version I see. It was also included in the #SewMyStyle project as the perfect cozy layer for cooler months. I saw Christine Haynes’ versions in person at Camp Workroom Social last year and was immediately smitten, as if the gorgeous model pics weren’t enough to sway me. This style was all the rage in RTW this year and I am so into this comfy look.

Toaster Sweater 1

I like both styles but decided to start with view #1 because I have my doubts about the funnel neck for me. I tend to be irritated by things too close to my neck. The collar on V1 is very loose and actually provides the perfect amount of warmth and protection from the elements without the itchy, choking feeling turtlenecks can sometimes have.

Toaster Sweater 1

I used a medium weight herringbone knit available from Blackbird Fabrics. It is seriously velvety soft on the wrong side, like a light fleece. The outside is very lightly textured with the herringbone pattern and it has a good amount of stretch for a pullover sweater. I opted not to do the topstitching on the raglan seams or the bottom band because I liked the way it looked as-is after sewing. As a result, this sweater took about 1 hour to make – seriously, so satisfying! I just serged it up and voila – new favourite make!

Toaster Sweater 1

In addition to the different neck designs, each Toaster Sweater view has a different hem. This one has a wide band that matches the tapered wide cuffs. I like this look but I would definitely love to try the split hem of view 2 next time.

I did not make any adjustments to the pattern but could do a FBA in future. I can see the drag lines in the pictures, but it feels very comfortable. Sometimes with oversized sweaters, it can be hard to decide if adjustments are needed. What do you guys think?


I have been wearing this sweater A LOT. It is definitely my new go-to on cold mornings when I just want to stay in bed. The Toaster Sweater is the next best thing! Have you tried it yet? Which neckline do you prefer?

PS: I had my hair highlighted BUT between these pics and this post I decided It was too blonde, so I went back and had it toned way down, so it will be different again next week! Stay tuned 😉


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  1. What a great knit. I like how the neckline sits on you. I found it too wide on me even after adjusting, but I decided the pattern was mostly not built for me. I see the drag lines you’re talking about. Would adding a dart help? A french dart might look really pretty, especially since the lines seem to be pulling in that diagonal sort of way.

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth! I think a dart would do the trick, and I love the idea of a french dart! I have heard others say the same about the neckline – I think it works on me because I have a pretty thick/wide neck and broad shoulders. That said, I really like the look on the model where the neck seems to sit out along her shoulders. I kind of wish mine did that! Grass is always greener I suppose 😛

  2. I frequently have to add a bit of room at the bust but not enough for a full FBA. I read somewhere about a ‘cheater’ FBA for knits and I do that. I just curve the seam out a bit where the dart would be and then stretch that part of the back slightly to fit. Paprika Patterns has two post on how to do a cheater (my words, not hers) and a full FBA on a princess seamed sweater but I’ve applied the same ‘cheater’ principals to a regular sweater. . It doesn’t look like you need a big adjustment.

  3. Love your Toaster Helen! My pattern just arrived last week – I’m excited about making sweaters. Something I’ve always wanted to do but not being a knitter….I have some beautiful dinetex sweater knit from Thread Theory that I thought would work with this pattern for my chilly, early AM walks along Willow Beach 🙂 Your inspired me to get on that this week – only a couple hours? I’m in 🙂

    1. Dintex sounds like a great choice! I have some dintex raincoat fabric from Thread Theory as well that I am planning to use for my next Kelly Anorak!

  4. I like it a lot. I was hesitant about this pattern because there were similar patterns I liked better, but now I’m glad I picked up copy. This will be on sewing list for next fall.

  5. I love your hair! I have that same fabric but in blue and I was wondering how it would look as a toaster sweater. It’s awesome and I bet it’s nice and cozy!

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