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Wednesday Weekly #79

Happy Wednesday! I am feeling much better this week and my sew-jo is back in full swing. I got it flowing again after cutting out my m6696 pattern that I have been meaning to sew for about two years. It felt so good to finally get going on this project and I am feeling the excitement for spring and summer sewing! I always get a little over ambitious at the start of the season so I am trying to focus on a few key items this time. Have you started to plan your spring/summer sewing?

Wednesday Weekly

News (clockwise from top left)

Orange Lingerie released the Fenway Bra.

Seamwork released two new patterns this month, Greta and Leonora.

Sew Sew Def launches today with the first issue! I am so excited about this!

Workroom Social released their first ever pattern as part of the Drape collection!


Community Events

Me-Made May is just around the corner!! You can sign up on So Zo and get more information about how to participate in this annual event.  



This coat from C Sews is too much fun!

This MIY Granville skirt from Not Sew Simple is beautiful.

I am crazy for this striped Archer shirt from My Handmade Wardrobe.

Such a great fit on this knit dress by Goodbye Valentino.

I love the fabric used for this Acton from Clever Tinker.

This Maisa jacket from Ginger Stitch is so cool.

How pretty is this cheetah printed top and skirt from Bobbin & Baste?

I am dying to make a Helga Playsuit! This one from The Tell Tale Tasha is so pretty!



This quilt from Heather Lou is so cool!  I couldn’t agree more that a variety of creative pursuits keeps the juices flowing. I always enjoy taking a break from garment sewing to cook, weave, macrame, or paint. This quilt has my mind racing about making one of my own!  

Closet Case Files Quilt

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  1. I hear you on the change-of-season sewing feelings. I want to sew everything! Thankfully my 2017 Make Nine plans are keeping me (mostly, sort of) grounded. I’m excited for Me-Made-May this year and Sew Sew Def. The magazine looks like it will be great. Thanks for another great roundup!

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