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Floral Acton Dress

I picked up this piece of rayon challis at Fabric By Designer in Toronto when I was there last month. I have been meaning to make the winged version of the Acton Dress for some time now but I needed a piece of fabric that was big enough and well suited to the design. I knew when I saw this challis that it would be ideal for a pattern like the Acton with large pieces so the print can really shine. I also love the way the wrapped effect of the dress mimics the wrapped petals in the lilies and other flowers shown in this print! It really seems like a match made in sewing heaven.

I decided to make this dress to wear to a family wedding this summer. It was a rushed job, squeezing it in between the Dressing Robe Launch and the wedding, but I managed to get it done and I was so pleased to wear it on the big day. The wedding was outdoors so it was a great opportunity for a photo-op.

I have made the Acton before, so I knew how to fit the bodice to my figure. Using a shifty fabric like this challis adds an extra challenge and the bodice did stretch out quite a bit. I took it in at the sides to make the back fit properly and it was easy enough to make it work. I used the same challis for the lining, too. I messed up the zip a bit at the top, but not terribly, considering my haste. I tend to wear my hair down anyways – nobody sees, nobody knows.

The wings of the Acton are easy to sew and can be tied in different ways for different looks. I also like the way they look hanging down, but you need to leave the ties off to wear it like that. I think it looks best wrapped in the back on my figure so that it how I styled it that day.

I love love LOVE my Acton. I think the design is so pretty and unique and it fits me like a glove. I look forward to making more Actons in the future.

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14 Comments on “Floral Acton Dress”

  1. Beautiful dress Helen! Suits you perfectly – love your romantic pic with your mister 🙂 like a time gone by under your parasol (I just have to say hats off to the bride for this addition – brilliant!)

  2. Great fit and the green is so pretty on you Helen! I really like the design of these wing style wrap dresses–you really can get a variety of looks which is always a plus in a garment!

  3. I love this Helen! The Acton has been on and off my sewing list for a while now and seeing yours has put it straight back on again! Definitely going to choose a flowing print like yours. Lovely

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