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True Bias Lander Pants

Lander Pants

The Lander Pant is my favorite pattern to be released this fall and I am so happy for Kelli from True Bias. Kelli recently made the jump to paper patterns and the Landers are available in print from her shop! If you want to hear more about this process from Kelli herself, check out episode 8 of the Love to Sew podcast!

For my Landers, I really wanted to make a pair in denim. I had so many light denim crop pants pinned on my inspiration board, and this pattern totally fit the bill! I used a non-stretch cotton denim from Blackbird Fabrics and the fabric weight was really ideal for this project. I’ll admit that the light denim is a bit out of season, but I’ll be excited about them again in the spring!

Lander PantsLander Pants Lander Pants Lander Pants Lander Pants

When making these pants, I muslined a size 16 based on my measurements. The result seemed too large for me – I was really wanting them to be tight tight tight! I rashly decided to go down to a 12 and while they do fit, these are standing pants only! They are just too tight for me, and I’m feeling rather foolish for not just making a 14. Oh well, notes for next time! Maybe I’ll lose 5lbs over the holidays….ha!

Lander Pants Lander Pants Lander Pants Lander Pants

I opted to leave off the back pockets. I really like the way the pants look without them! I think I might put them on in a darker fabric, but there is something about the light denim that just wasn’t jiving with the pockets for me. I do like the shape of the front pockets, but because these are so tight, there isn’t much room in there for my phone or hands! Decoration pockets? I hope to make more use of these on my next, larger pair.

Lander Pants Lander Pants Lander Pants

For the stitching, I decided on copper. I actually used two spools of thread and sewed with them together to get a thicker look. They were two different colours, too! Blending into the perfect shade of rust.

Lander Pants Lander Pants Lander Pants

My mother-in-law, Laurie, took these fantastic pics out at Deep Cove. She has such a great eye for photos and we had a lot of fun playing around under the docks for these pics. Thanks, Laurie!

Lander Pants Lander Pants

Lander Pants pictured above with my Closet Case Patterns Kelly Anorak.


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  1. Beautiful pants Helen! I was thinking what an amazing fit you achieved! Then I read how you find them a bit tight but they look terrific – maybe that’s the thing with pants? Tight looks fantastic but feels rather tortuous to wear….Love the copper thread topstitching with that blue of the denim.

  2. I’ve been himming and hawwing about making these but now that I see yours they’re definitely a must make! I’m afraid where I am it’s now full blown winter so I’m thinking they’ll be a spring sew.

  3. I love this pattern and I have it on my list for spring. Your’s look great (even just for standing!). Love the combination of the thread color and denim and how it goes with the anorak, so I will have to do that one as well then 🙂

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