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Duotone Farrow Dress

This make is a little late to the blog, as it was completed in December as a holiday dress. The inspiration for this look struck me out of nowhere and I immediately started printing, taping, and picking out fabrics for this Grainline Studio Farrow Dress. I fell in love with the idea to do a colour blocked version of the Farrow but I wanted a more formal feel. I ended up using a gorgeous red cotton that my mom brought back from a recent trip to India and some black wool crepe. Two fabrics that I wouldn’t have thought to pair together, but when I saw them near each other, they really worked well!

Because the top of this Farrow is made from wool crepe it is a bit warm and a bit itchy. This is definitely a winter dress! I like the combination of fabrics and the sheen on the red cotton really gives it a formal look. I was inspired by Heathers metallic Farrow from early 2017.

One of the best features of this dress is the pockets! I love that they are built into the diagonal seam and they are easy to sew. One thing I changed is I made my pockets more rounded. The Farrow has straight rectangle pockets, but I thought that might feel a bit awkward, so I sewed mine for my hands to sit in more naturally. It’s an easy change to make and I would do it again on the next version.

The wind was really working against us on the day of this shoot, so we had trouble getting pictures of the dress hanging normally. It does hang quite nicely and I think the stiffness of the cotton on the bottom gives it great body while the crepe on top fits the bust and shoulders well.

The Farrow is a great pattern. I lengthened my version about 3 inches (1 inch on top and 2 inches on the bottom) because I like my dresses a bit longer. The design is a-line, so not too much to worry about with fit. I made a straight size 16 and I can’t wait to make another one for spring/summer this year. Maybe in a linen? *heart eyes*


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19 Comments on “Duotone Farrow Dress”

  1. This dress!!!! Love the fabric combo and colour combo! As soon as I saw bloglovin open you were the first thing my eyes were drawn to! Plus it fits you so well! Would never have thought to colour block the Farrow! Now I will!

  2. Linen! Errthing linen!

    Lovely dress though, looks like a perfect occasiondress while still being very comfy! I have some souvenir fabric I am wanting to use for a Farrow, colour blocking might be the way to go!

  3. I am going to make one, I love the way it looks on you. The photos on the pattern don’t do the dress justice, I’ve flipped past it so many times without noticing it. But the detail is just gorgeous – the pockets, the hem! And I love this color blocking – am going to do the same!

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