Wiksten Oversized Kimono Jacket

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Wiksten Oversized Unfolding Jacket

I got sucked into a project that wasn’t on my to-make list and I am not at all mad about it. I know it’s happened to you, too! Sometimes things just pop up and you can’t get them out of your head. For me, it was Heather’s Wiksten Unfolding Jacket. I LOVE it. It screams comfy chic and that is what I am all about these days.

Wiksten Oversized Kimono Jacket

The Wiksten Oversized Unfolding Jacket is a pattern by Jenny Gordy that was included in issue 4 of the Making Zine. I ordered the magazine simply to get the pattern, but I was blown away by the quality of the content, photography, and even the paper. It is a gorgeous zine and I have already jumped on board to receive their next 2 issues this year. Making Zine covers mostly knitting projects with plenty of other crafty and fibre arts tutorials sprinkled throughout. It’s not focused on garment sewing, but that makes it all the more fun to leaf through! So much great inspiration and the attention to detail is clear.

Making Zine Making Zine

The pattern is provided as a digital download using a special link via the magazine. It is a simple PDF but it makes such a great piece. I have been wearing this jacket everywhere! The jacket is constructed in such a way that is it reversible, which is a cool feature. I’m not sure that I will ever wear mine inside out, but you can certainly choose fabrics with this in mind.

Wiksten Oversized Kimono Jacket

The fabrics I chose are quite different but still compliment each other well. The outside of the jacket is the 6oz cotton twill from Blackbird Fabrics in the tobacco colour. This twill is medium weight with just the right amount of structure for this kind of pattern. That said, I didn’t want the jacket to be too boxy, so I wanted to add some weight with my lining. I chose a tencel twill that I bought locally in a faded brown colour. The tencel is much drapier and heavier than the twill, which adds really great body to the jacket as a whole. I loved the way these two fabrics looked next to each other and thought that pairing them would result in a neutral jacket that would get lots of wear. I was right!

Wiksten Oversized Kimono Jacket Wiksten Oversized Kimono JacketWiksten Oversized Kimono Jacket

I followed the construction of the jacket as instructed until the very end. I opted to hand sew my front band in place to avoid topstitching. I can never manage to get the topstitching straight on both sides of a garment! Since this jacket is reversible, I wanted it to look clean no matter which way I chose to style it.

Wiksten Oversized Kimono Jacket Wiksten Oversized Kimono Jacket Wiksten Oversized Kimono Jacket

The other detail I added was some extra topstitching at the top of the pockets. I liked the idea of some detail here and it helps to stiffen the top of the pocket so it doesn’t bag out as much. The pockets are my absolute favourite part of this pattern, they are so roomy and at just the right height for my hands! I also love the way the cuffs fold up to tie-in with the front band. 

Wiksten Oversized Kimono Jacket Wiksten Oversized Kimono Jacket

I am wearing my Wiksten with my Avery Leggings and Mandy Boat Tee in these pics! It also looks great over jeans and dresses, too! The oversized look is great for casual wear and it is so freaking comfortable! 

Wiksten Oversized Kimono Jacket Wiksten Oversized Kimono Jacket Wiksten Oversized Kimono Jacket

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  1. I love your jacket. I also bought this zine because of this jacket and love everything in it (although I don’t knit! ). I managed to find a copy in a local knitting shop so didn’t have to pay mailing. I haven’t made the jacket yet because I can’t decide on fabric. …I wanted something weighty but still drapey ….but as it uses a lot of fabric having to watch the price Amd make sure whatever i get is perfect. So it’s good to get your tips. Will take some more time planning it

    1. Thanks Judith! Fabric is tricky for this one! If I make another one, I might consider drafting a hem facing and lining it with rayon bemburg so it is nice and slippy inside. It wouldn’t be reversible anymore, but that is less important to me.

  2. It looks fabulous, Helen! And I’m so glad you’ve discovered Making!!! I’d love to see your knitting when you’re ready to share!

  3. I made this last Friday, and I love it too. I love yours and I love mine! I want to make another in a double gauze or slightly heavier quilting cotton. My first is a heavy cotton from IKEA and a woven medium weight cotton for the lining. It’s a little boxy, but I love it and want to wear it constantly! Enjoy yours-it’s beautiful!

  4. Thank you! I was looking for guidance on the front band. I edge stitched it down, and was very disappointed . So I took it out and was going to try again. I think I would be much happier hand stitching it.

    1. I think the hand stitching is a really nice finish! It can be so tricky to get that edge perfect, and since it does show a bit when wearing, you want it to look nice! Thanks for checking out my Wiksten 🙂

  5. Where can I fin the pattern for this amazing jacket. It has been discontinued on her website.

      1. Oh no, that’s such a shame! Do you think it would be available if I bought a back copy of the Making zine?

  6. I recently purchased a back copy of this issue, specifically for this pattern. The magazine gives the link to the pdf, and I checked to see if it still worked. It does, but I don’t know how long it will be available. I plan to print it out soon, to make sure I have a paper copy to keep with the magazine.

  7. Love the style and look of the jacket! I just saw the jacket on line (2023) where can I get the pattern?

  8. I found a copy of Making Magazine Lines online and ordered a hard copy. Also found the pattern online and it was printable for free. You need the magazine for the instructions.

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