Staystitching & Interfacing, Dressing Robe Sewalong Step 1

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Dressing Robe Sewalong: Staystitching & Interfacing

Staystitching & Interfacing, Dressing Robe Sewalong Step 1

Are you ready to start sewing your Dressing Robe? Today we will cover interfacing and staystitching. If you are sewing the alternative front band you will still need to staystitch but you can skip the interfacing.

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Once you have your Dressing Robe cut out, you want to ensure you have transferred any markings to your fabric. I like to use chalk, but you can use a fabric marker or basting stitches.

After the markings are in place, you can apply your ‘L’ shaped interfacing in the corner of the robe front. I forgot to apply mine before staystitching, so you can see I am applying it just after instead. Apply the interfacing to the WRONG side of the fabric and choose an interfacing that blends in well.

Question: Will this interfacing show on the final garment? Yes. This interfacing will be a little bit visible on the inside of your final garment. If you want to have no interfacing showing, you can skip it and sew very carefully at this corner to ensure it doesn’t stretch out.

Question: Can I interface my front bands and cuffs? Yes! These pieces are not interfaced on the Dressing Robe because I prefer a soft band and cuffs. You may want some stability and a little stiffness here, in which case, you can feel free to use interfacing on these pieces as well.

Next, we will staystitch the armholes and neckline. Stitch 3/8″ or 1 cm from the edge of the fabric (just inside the seam allowance). Staystitching is done using a regular stitch length and helps to stabilize areas cut on a curve or angle so that they don’t stretch and warp during handling. Stitch from the shoulder to the armpit on the armholes and from the shoulder to the center back on the back. For the robe fronts, stitch from the shoulder down and pivot at the corner.

Tomorrow we will be tackling all of the ties for the Dressing Robe. Let me know your staystitching and interfacing questions in the comments or via email at

Happy sewing!

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Note: This pattern has been discontinued.

The use of the Japanese word ‘Suki’ for this pattern is cultural appropriation. We apologize for using the name and will continue to strive to do better. You can read more about this decision here.

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