Long Floral Linen Dress by Helen's Closet

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Long Floral Linen Dress

I do not want clothes to touch my body in the summer heat. When it is hot out and I know I’ll be sweating buckets, the last thing I need is a defined waist! This dress has been on my mind for the past couple months as the temperature rises, and I finally hit my breaking point. Drape me in linen! Let my body breathe!

Long Floral Linen Dress by Helen's ClosetLong Floral Linen Dress by Helen's Closet

I scored this gorgeous linen print on my trip to Thailand this past March. I almost didn’t buy it because it is so loud, but then I remembered that summer Helen loves loud prints! I knew this fabric would have its place in my summer wardrobe, and I have not seen a linen print quite like this before.

Long Floral Linen Dress by Helen's ClosetLong Floral Linen Dress by Helen's ClosetLong Floral Linen Dress by Helen's Closet

The dress is self-drafted (put your pattern requests in the comments!) and it is basically my dream summer style. Slightly A-line, with wide straps to cover my bra straps, and a midi length + side slit. Dress perfection! I could waltz around in this dress all day and feel like a million bucks. The print also feels really cheerful and vibrant to me, something that (hopefully) will make others smile!

Long Floral Linen Dress by Helen's Closet Long Floral Linen Dress by Helen's Closet

We took these photos in an amazing shared garden that my aunt and her partner are a part of. The garden is on their land share, and they maintain and care for it with their 4 other land partners. We had the pleasure of staying with them for a few days this summer and gobbling up their raspberries, blueberries, and cukes! The garden is a true inspiration and a really gorgeous place for a photoshoot. This dress was made for barefoot berry-picking!

Long Floral Linen Dress by Helen's Closet Long Floral Linen Dress by Helen's Closet

I have been loving this dress and feel like it is a garment that I can wear for years to come. The simple design works so beautifully with the bold fabric and you can’t go wrong with linen in the summer heat!


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Helen Wilkinson is the designer and founder of Helen's Closet Patterns. She also co-hosts the Love to Sew Podcast! Helen is obsessed with all things sewing and strives to share her passion and knowledge with the sewing community.

59 Comments on “Long Floral Linen Dress”

  1. What a terrific summer dress, Helen. I love the modest square neckline with the flirty side slits! I also see lots of potential for fun hacks and personalization. If you release this as a pattern (yes, please!), I hope you will consider including an option for a full hemline/slit facing with mitered corners. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  2. You look gorgeous in that dress, and the fabric is perfect for hot summer days! Yes, please make a pattern for us!

  3. You’re right Helen this dress is perfect for these hot summer days and that print on linen! I’m all agog for it :) I love linen….well really I LOVE linen :) I have 2 patterns cut out on my sewing table now in linen – one is the Endless Summer Tunic which is one of my favourite patterns and an antique Kwik Sew 2716 which looks a LOT like yours except the neckline is round. I have the Claudia by Tessuti winging its way to me now which also is similar to yours except yours has the wider straps to hide the bra straps and I like that. I was planning on making a few – that look with a Tee under this style coats my Pinterest board. I think you should make this pattern available for sure :) It can be made up for summer or winter with a long sleeve bodycon Tee and leggings. It’s perfect!

  4. This dress is so lovely, Helen! It’s such a nice, flowy shape. I love the side slits and that the straps are wide enough to cover bra straps. Count me in as another vote to make this a pattern eventually!

  5. I love your dress!
    Linen is so comfortable in the summer.
    I love a bold print!
    I really like the fit around the armscye on this dress, I’d be happy to wear a similar one!

  6. That looks like summer “dress-ing” perfection! I love the shape, the wide shoulder straps & the fabric! Yes please, share your pattern!

  7. This really ticks the boxes for me: square neck, loose but not tent like, wide straps, beautiful armscye. I would love to see it in a tunic length option as well. Pattern pretty please with sprinkles!

  8. It’s perfect! Linen is my fabric of choice & I embrace that rumpled but comfy look all year round. I’m not comfortable yet printing patterns at home, so would appreciate it if pre-printed pattern would be available!

  9. I really like this dress. It reminds me of a sundress I made probably 40 years ago. I would love to have a pattern; I am not very good at drafting. Fabric is wonderful! I can always get behind or into a nice linen and the print is son perfectly summery.

  10. This is a great summer dress. Please publish this pattern. I have just the big, summery print that has been looking for a great pattern like this. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I would be interested, if it’s sized large enough to fit an apple shape. I’m not comfortable altering patterns

  12. Love, love, love it. I can never find dresses in this style because of my bust size. Honestly, Helen, every time you draft something I come one step closer to trying out sewing again!

  13. I’ve just discovered your blog, what an exciting place! I LOVE everything about this dress, its my idea of a perfect hot-weather dress too, I love that it can be worn with a normal bra, I love the shape and I love it in that amazing linen print! I would totally love to make it too, another call for the pattern please :-)

  14. I love this dress would love the pattern if you ever make one to sell I am a 22-24 size so find it really hard to get loose summer clothing

  15. Gorgeous dress, Helen! Perfect for the heatwave we’ve had this summer here in Vancouver! If you do release the pattern I will definitely snatch it up! Do you think it would work in a slightly heavier fabric so I could have a dress shirt or sleeves under it? I am thinking this could be adorable as fall outfit!

  16. I went hunting through your post to see what the pattern was called… so this is definitely my pattern request. Beautiful dress!

  17. I see what you mean about unusual for a linen – if I just saw the print, not on fabric, I would assume it was intended for a rayon or something synthetic, but the vibrancy works so well with the linen texture.

  18. HooHoo Helen, “next” summer is here already, when will you launch the pattern for this great Sundress?
    :-)) impatiently waiting in hot germany

    1. Thank you for your patience! I am sorry to say that this will not be released this summer. We decided to finish Ashton and then the new size range is our priority. I do hope to release this one day! I still love to wear it!

  19. Wonderful dress thank you…I know you love a hack can this neck line become gathered? So if possible a fabric tube made and thread through the top neck line and gathered so the tube becomes the straps? Oohh hope that makes sense? You would probably need to widen the neck line to get the gathering….mmmm a newbie a hacks lol

    1. That sounds like a really cool hack! I think you could do something like that with this dress but it would take some experimentation. I’ll add it to my potential hack list!

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