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Hack the Winslow Culottes

Now that the Winslow Culottes have been re-released in our updated size range (0-30), we wanted to round up some of our favourite Winslow hacks! There are so many fun ways to hack your Winslows. Make sure to use the hashtags #winslowculottes and #youcanhackit on Instagram to share your makes, or to see what inspiring makes other sewists are coming up with!

Winslow Culottes Workroom Social Fabric

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Elastic Back

This is one of our most popular Winslow hacks, and it’s understandable why. An elastic back provides so much comfort for sitting and moving around, while still maintaining the elegant front waistband and box pleats. As a bonus, an elastic back means no zipper! Read the blog post and hack instructions here.

Wrap Pants

This hack totally transforms the Winslows into an elegant pair of wrap pants. They are stunning on, but simple to sew. These are an all-time favourite! Read the blog post and hack instructions here.

Winslow Culottes Wrap Pants

Winslow Dress

Culottes can be a dress? Yes, yes they can! A skirt is just pants without a crotch curve. This Winslow Dress is a terrific way to show off Winslow’s box pleats while entirely transforming the look. Read the blog post and tutorial here.

Winslow Culottes Dress Hack by Helen's Closet

Paperbag Waist

A paperbag waist is a classic pant waistband style that is having a major moment right now. This hack has knife pleats at the waist, rather than box pleats and a separate waistband. It is such a fun way to really elevate your Winslows! Read the blog post and hack tutorial here.

Winslow Culottes Paperbag Waist

Slash Pockets

Slash pockets are a great alternative to the inseam pockets that the Winslow Culottes come with. Slash pockets are less bulky at the hips, and they look smart to boot. Read the blog post and hack tutorial here.

Elastic Waist

This super simple hack results in quite possibly the most comfortable pants of all time. Without the box pleats and zipper, they are super quick to sew up as well. Read the blog post and hack instructions here.

Do you have a favourite Winslow Culottes hack that you have tried? Let us know in the comments!

Winslow is 20% off until the end of May to celebrate! No coupon code required!

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Winslow Culottes Orange Shorts
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7 Comments on “Hack the Winslow Culottes”

  1. I currently own the pattern, how much is the upgrade for expanded sizes if I have already purchased the pdf?

  2. Hi Helen! Great pattern! I just made the shorts version and am planning to make the culottes next. They fit perfectly at the waist but I wanted to remove some of the width at the hips through legs. I thought to simply remove the width at the side seam but I’m not sure how to adjust the pleat placement/width to maintain the same finished waist measurements. Any advice would be much appreciated!

    1. Hi Julianna,

      Thanks for sewing Winslow! However much you take off the side, you want to remove from the pleat as well. If you trim 1″ off the side of the front pattern piece, move the pleat side notches 0.5″ in towards the center notch (1″ total). Repeat for the back of the culottes. This makes the pleat smaller, therefore removing volume. I hope that helps!

    1. Hi Emily,

      That would be a cool hack! I haven’t tried it but it may be possible. I would still interface the waistband with a tricot interfacing so it has some stability. This is one where some experimentation would be needed.

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