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Some BIG news!

It’s that time of year folks! Everyone is chatting about goals for 2020 and – controversial opinion – I love it! I love talking about goals and making plans. I love reflecting on the past and dreaming about the future. I’m a sappy sewist, what can I say.

I have some goals and plans for Helen’s Closet Patterns in 2020 that I would like to share and I have some personal goals, too! I also have a bit of an announcement…a little announcement…OK…a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

WE ARE MOVING IN 2020! Sam (my partner) and I have decided to move from Vancouver, BC to Courtenay, BC!

Courtenay is on Vancouver Island.
It is about a 4 hour trip from Vancouver by car and ferry.

I have lived in Vancouver my whole life. In fact. I have only had three homes here! The house I grew up in, my first apartment with a roomie, and my apartment with Sam. We have lived in our current one-bedroom apartment for 8 years. 8 YEARS! I am writing this from our couch in the living room I am getting teary just thinking about it. There is so much love here.

My whole family is also based here in Vancouver, which might make you wonder, well, why are you moving?

We are ready for a change and ready for the next chapter. We both really want a big house with a yard and that simply isn’t possible for us in Vancouver. Options included moving to the suburbs like most of our friends have done, continuing to rent, or trying out a new city or town! The nice thing about both being entrepreneurs is that we have the freedom to do what we want with our time and be where we want while we do it!

So, long story short, we bought a house! It is the most lovely, magical, special, unique house I have ever seen. When we saw it, we knew. This is our home.

The front of our new home. The garage will be my new studio!

I am going to be moving my studio back into our home space, but we have a great attached garage that we will convert into my new workspace. It even has a garage door that I can open in the summer. Dream office.

Some other things we are excited about our new city:
– Sam’s parents live there 1/2 of the year (during the summer)
– It is right on the coast, so lots of beautiful beaches!
– It is really close to my favorite place, Hornby Island.
– It has tons of hiking, mountain biking, and even has a ski hill!
– There is an airport and Vancouver is only a 30-minute flight away.
– Fabric and yarn shops! Plural!

I can’t wait to get to know local sewists over in the Comox Valley! If you live there and want to get together, let me know! I am so excited to meet you. Courtenay, Comox, Cumberland – here I come!

For those of you who listen to the Love to Sew Podcast, don’t panic! We are going to keep making the show just the same as always. Caroline and I will travel to each other and we are determined to make it work. Plus, we want to see each other as much as possible!

Caroline & I recording the podcast together

We are moving at the end of January (I try not to panic when I say it). It will be a HUGE change for us and we are so excited to see what 2020 will bring.

Helen’s Closet Goals
– Finish our size range upgrade (read more here)
– Release 5 new patterns
– More blog posts about scrap busting, sewing tutorials, and pattern hacks.
– Share more of my personal sewing projects on social media
– Continue to build working relationships with awesome freelancers in the sewing community. Are you a freelancer? I am currently looking for people to help with:

– Social media management and marketing
– Adobe Illustrator and InDesign experts
– Sample sewers (that are local to the Comox Valley)

Reach me at hello@helensclosetpatterns.com!

Personal Goals
– Get a dog (OMG)
– Make three new friends
– Learn to Stand up Paddleboard

My first attempt at paddleboarding last summer on Hornby Island

I am really excited about the new year and I hope you are feeling that way, too! Whatever your plans and goals are, you got this. Let’s crush 2020!

Thanks for following along and for all your love and support this year!
Helen (& Sam too!)

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Helen Wilkinson is the designer and founder of Helen's Closet Patterns. She also co-hosts the Love to Sew Podcast! Helen is obsessed with all things sewing and strives to share her passion and knowledge with the sewing community.

99 Comments on “Some BIG news!”

  1. Excited to have you in the Island and hot tip for you! Harbour Air runs out of Comox Harbour to Vancouver Harbour six months of the year. Super quick and easy commute when you need to get to YVR.

  2. So thrilled for your move. I spent 3 weeks on Vancouver Island back in 1998 and it was such a special place. You are going to have grand adventures and I look forward to sharing in them via your posts. Love from Cape Town

  3. Congratulations! The house looks beautiful. My understanding of geography is definitely affected by sewing – my immediate thought was “Comox? Like the underwear!”

  4. Congratulations on this fabulous decision! You new home looks amazing too. I had to smile at one of your goals being to learn to SUB – we went for the first time this morning with friends who got some inflatable ones for Christmas (we’re in Sydney Australia) and we’re hooked – bought some for ourselves on our way home (they’re on sale) and we’re going again tomorrow morning! It’s super fun and I hope you love it too. Best wishes for your big move and all your wonderful plans for 2020. Look forward to your next 5 patterns and more podcasts!

    1. Thanks Jo! It is super fun! I’ve only done it once but it was a blast. So fun being on the water like that. Have fun paddleboarding!

  5. wishing you the best of luck with your move and with all your goals. cant wait for the new patterns and the new blogs. adding a dog to your life will bring you such joy cant wait to hear all about it

  6. How exciting! I’ve on Van Island three times in my life for a total of about four years. It’s gorgeous and there’s so much to explore, both nature-wise and maker-wise. I met a lot of creative spirits in my time there. The best of luck with your move and enjoy discovering your new home and community.

  7. I’m so excited for you. Courtney is great! My brother lives on Hornby so I know what a magical place it is. Perfect time to do this! All the best

    1. Oh wow, what a life change for you. You are at just the right age to do this and regrets…..you’ll have a few, too few to mention! But the quality of your life will be so different and you make friends wherever you go and whatever age you are! The very best of luck from a Sewing Girl in the UK!

  8. Congratulations! The house is great! What an exciting time for you and Sam. Glad to know the podcast will go forward. You two are inspiring. I’ve got a few “Helen’s Closet” projects in the queue for 2020. Thank you for your creativity and just all around awesomeness!

  9. Congratulations on the purchase of your new home! It sounds divine! I pray your move goes smoothly, and look forward to all 2020 brings for your life!

  10. How exciting! It’s so sad that people can’t afford Vancouver. We ended up getting a place in Squamish. Absolute life-changer, in the best ways (#newdog)! You’re 2020 is going to be amazing!

    1. It is sad! I am trying to view it as a good thing – it is forcing me ‘out of the nest’ of my home town and on to something new. Cheers to 2020!

  11. The picture of you and Sam is absolutely dreamy. And your house – total dream home nestled in those trees. I can see how you are over the top excited! I wish you the best with your move and all your plans and goals for 2020. I want to take a page out of your book but i’m not a planner. However, I can say for sure, you inspire me. xo Gile

  12. Hooray! So excited for you, you guys deserve great things. Looking forward to seeing more details as you settle into the new (awesome) house. 🙂

  13. Congratulations on your big move! I live in Nanaimo and the Island is a wonderful place to live. The garment sewing community is experiencing a resurgence too.

  14. Great to have you in the neighbourhood! House looks wonderful. You will love being on the (big) island, as we on Gabriola Island call it. Maybe we can meet at some type of sewing thing in the near future.

  15. You will love your new home. I grew up in Powell River and miss it every day (even while finding beauty in my Alberta home). All the best to you in your move and in the new year.

    1. Thanks Jamie! I had the pleasure of visiting Powell River this past summer and it was in our top three places to potentially live, too! Happy new year!

  16. Wishing you and Sam much happiness and many fun adventures in your beautiful new home and community. Especially exciting is adding a new puppy to your family…so fun! Thank you for all you do. Happy New Year!!!

  17. So happy for you both. And a dog! Woof Woof! As Dorothy said, “There’s no place like home and a nothing like a dog for that home.” Okay, paraphrasing, but it works:) Enjoy!

  18. I just visited my Phila friend who now lives in Sidney and I hope to be up again in the next six months. I’ll have to contact you to see your studio. Soon you’ll have it set up. Great move!

  19. Good luck Helen and Sam! I have moved across the country many times and as scary as it is, it is an amazing opportunity to make a whole new bunch of friends, enjoy a new place and even remake yourself if you feel like it 😀 Happy New Year (from Australia where it’s already 2020) x

  20. How exciting! Super jealous of your new home and super cool relocation. Just picked up some patterns and am excited to make Blackwood cardigans for myself and all my friends in 2020. Happy New Year!

  21. You two are so stinkin’ cute! I wish all the best for you in your new adventure! Courtenay sounds like a magical place!

    1. What tremendous news! Wishing you and Sam the very best with all that’s ahead. I live in Kirkland, WA and LOVE Vancouver Island. You are an inspiration!

  22. Hi from Wales in the UK! Firstly I love your patterns but I also wanted to congratulate you on your move. We spent 3weeks camping on Vancouver Island in 2007,and I have very happy memories of camping on the beach on Quadra Island watching the cruise ships sail by like floating office blocks! I fell in love with the area and could have quite happily stayed had it not been for family ties here. A great choice of place to move to I think. Happy 2020 x

  23. So exciting! I lived in Victoria for a while and now my extended family lives there so I get to visit. The Island is a lovely place and I think you’ll love it too! Congratulations!

  24. That looks and sounds so exciting! Congratulations on your new home and wishing you all the best this 2020!

  25. Big step! I’m so happy that you’re at that stage of growing your business that allows you to buy a house. What an amazing achievement! Loads of hard work and here’s your reward! So happy for you both and excited to hear more about your new home… You’ll have some fun decorating it… Happy New Year! It’ll be a great one!

  26. Congratulations!!! I live on Vancouver Island and it’s the place to be. We’re in Victoria right now but I went to high school in Qualicum Beach and spent lots of my younger years on the ski hills at Forbidden and Mt. Washington. Your house looks absolutely lovely!!

  27. I’m so excited for you! I grew up on Vancouver Island and can’t say enough good things about living there. I miss it dearly. Congratulations in the beautiful new home and I wish you all the best!

  28. Congratulations on both of you for this big step, the location sounds amazing, what not to love when it’s close to the beach, and the house looks lovely and spacious from the outside. Decorating a new house is very exciting! Happy New Year Helen!

  29. Super excited for you with your move! House looks lovely, what a fun and exciting new chapter is ya’lls life, congratulations. I’m sure it will seem overwhelming but think of it as an adventure!

  30. OMG. You’re doing it! I had a jaw dropping moment when I read this. I very clearly remember talking with you about this at the Yanta’s workshop this summer. Clearly you were thinking very seriously about this. I’m so excited about seeing you around town! And yay more sewing and knitting in the Comox Valley. Best of luck with the move! And don’t hesitate to ask for help.

    1. Yes we are doing it!! I so enjoyed meeting you and a couple of other sewists from the area this summer. It was a big motivation to choose Courtenay! I hope to hang out again soon!

  31. So happy for you!!! This is very exciting news. I covet an island home with a big sewing studio. Wishing you and Sam (thank you, Sam!) all the best as you begin your new lives there. And looking forward to more fabulous patterns.

  32. You two are the cutest and I’m really excited for you. <3 Best wishes for branching out and changing things up!

  33. Helen!!

    Just dialing into the news this minute! I’m thrilled for you and Sam…buying a home…and…adopting a dog!!! Dreams really do come true! Close friends of ours moved to Courtenay years ago and they never looked back. It’s a great community in itself but still close enough to the lower mainland for visiting. Maybe one day you’ll host a sewing retreat…

    Sue xo

  34. Helen and Sam..this is fantastic news! New house..great! Beaches and ski hills..funtastic! 3 new friends..triple score! NEW DOG..best of all!! life is getting so big!! so happy for ya’ll! lots of exclamation..but is so called for!!

  35. Hey! Welcome to my town! Please make sure you check out The Spool in Courtenay…cutest little sewing studio. The Comox Valley is a little slice of heaven! Have fun getting to know your new home.

  36. I moved from the UK to Campbell River, a huge change for me. We got a cute miniature poodle, Charlie Button, have a home looking over the sea and love being here. We left glorious Cornwall but have ended up in a fantastic spot amongst lovely people, the weather isn’t bad either. In fact I think we get even less snow than Courtney and that is little enough. You’ve made a great choice moving to the island, you are going to be sooooo happy here. Hope there will be some sewing meetups in the future.

  37. Thats is so exciting that you’re achieving some incredible goals. Congratulations!! My husband does freelance work with Illustrator and InDesign, I’ll get him to send you an email!

  38. Dear Helen,
    Just finished my first (and for sure not the last) blackwood cardigan. I really love it. I have read about your donation to the homeless people which is such a good thing.
    I wish you a good start in your new home. The landscape there really looks so nice.
    Kind regards from Germany.
    Take care,

  39. Welcome to the Comox Valley, I’ve lived here for 30 years. The secret is getting out — where else can you go skiing, play golf, go hiking, or kayaking all in one day if you so choose. I love all things fabric and yarn related.

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