Zadie Jumpsuit by Helen's Closet

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Zadie Jumpsuit

Zadie Jumpsuit by Helen's Closet

It’s official. I have fallen too far behind on sharing my makes here on the blog! I actually made this Zadie Jumpsuit over a year ago! It really deserves the spotlight, too. A bold print and a bold design come together to create – well – a bold look! Somehow it all works. I love wearing this jumpsuit whenever I need a pick me up. It is comfortable, fun, and makes me smile! What more could you want from one garment?

Zadie Jumpsuit by Helen's Closet

Here are the deets:

  • Paper Theory Zadie Jumpsuit pattern
  • Straight size 18 (I sized down 1 size because this fabric loosens up when wearing)
  • Shortened the rise 1″ because the crotch on my original version was sitting low, but I still wear it all the time, too 🙂
  • Made in viscose print from Blackbird Fabrics (out of stock)

I love this pattern so much. This is my third Zadie and certainly not my last! It is easy to sew and really easy to wear. I think it looks good on so many figures and suits so many styles, too! Check out the hashtag here.

Zadie Jumpsuit by Helen's Closet

This viscose fabric from Blackbird Fabrics is also a dream. It is unlike any other viscose I have felt – almost spongy like the way a 4-ply silk is. It also has a crepe texture and feels amazing against the skin. Not to mention the print – have you ever seen anything like this? My podcast co-host, Caroline, and I have a debate about whether this is a floral print. What do you think? I say yes, she says no – it’s more of an abstract print. It’s probably both!

Zadie Jumpsuit by Helen's Closet
Zadie Jumpsuit by Helen's Closet

I did not have enough fabric to be picky about print placement so I just cut and hoped for the best. The result is pretty good but I feel a bit goofy with these two white flowers right on my butt. You win some, you lose some. It hasn’t stopped me from wearing this number!

Zadie Jumpsuit by Helen's Closet

We snapped these pics on my birthday last month! There is a beach in our town that is quiet and very spacious – perfect for social distancing. This beach has been such an important place for me during these months away from my home and my family and during all the stress of COVID-19. I am so thankful to have a space to be outdoors and I know I am really lucky to have it.

Zadie Jumpsuit by Helen's Closet
Zadie Jumpsuit by Helen's Closet

Have you tried Zadie yet? Is this a floral print? Let me know in the comments!!

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Helen Wilkinson is the designer and founder of Helen's Closet Patterns. She also co-hosts the Love to Sew Podcast! Helen is obsessed with all things sewing and strives to share her passion and knowledge with the sewing community.

35 Comments on “Zadie Jumpsuit”

  1. I say floral! I haven’t tried the Zadie because I feel like I am too short for it (5’1″) but you aren’t the first person to say it looks good on every body. I just might have to try it

  2. When you look at it overall, it’s a floral. To me, just because a print is extra large and bold, doesn’t make it abstract. I think that abstract, by the definition alone, is something you don’t recognize as, for example, a flower or leaf. This print really looks like large rainforesty leaves. Just my opinion, obviously, but I definitely see floral! Looks lovely on you too!

  3. it is a geometric print that gives the illusion of a floral print. it is a very lovely make and you do it justice. I personally am not a fan of jumpsuits but I do enjoy seeing someone wear one when it looks so nicely done. now when things are beginning to open back up, it is more important than ever to try and stay safe.

  4. It’s lovely! Looks so good on you. What sort of fabric would you make it in for a winter version? (I’m in NZ, but have spent some time around where you live and it is gorgeous!!)

    1. I wore my heavyweight linen version all winter long. It was awesome! I know The Fabric Store has a great heavyweight linen in lots of colours.

  5. I see a floral.
    Regarding print placement: it’s better than 2 white unaligned flowers on your chest. Not only do you not see your butt, neither does a person you’re talking to!
    That must be the mainland you’re looking at in the standing picture; too mountainous for Vancouver Island?

  6. I used to love wearing jumpsuits, but have not seen any nice plus sized ones. This is a possibility for me. It is a leaf print, flowers have leaves, so yes it is a floral.

    1. I’m a uk 18ish on top and 24ish on the bottom. I’ve made four Zadies!! For me the key was to grade between the sizes or it would have been far too big on the top – I suppose that will depend on where your weight lies but I absolutely think you should go for it! 🙂

  7. I came within a hair of buying this pattern yesterday. Instead I decided to assess how jumpsuits work for me (or don’t!) by starting with the freebie peppermint jumpsuit.

  8. Lovely make! I would call it a leaf or botanical print. I am late to the Zadie bandwagon, but I have my Zadie muslin cut out and hope to see it up soon. I’m hoping the muslin will be wearable. It’s cut to shorts length from a black Hawaiian print.

  9. Gorgeous and comfortable jumpsuit!
    I think it’s a beautiful leaf print.,I would love making it during this quarantine in Los Ángeles.

  10. I love it! MMMay this year has definitely gotten me on the jumpsuit bandwagon. The Zadie might have to join my future wardrobe. I love how you talked about the white leaves on your butt! I wouldn’t have noticed them if you hadn’t said anything – and trust me, I’m overly paranoid when it comes to lining up prints. Had to redo my latest maxi dress because I ended up with two giant poppies right on my boobs… sigh.

  11. It looks amazing! I have bought some very vibrant African print cotton and plan to make my first Zadie. I have read that a lot of people shorten the rise, so I may try that as well. I absolutely love that big, bold print!

  12. This Zadie Jumpsuit looks gorgeous! I see a floral print with a stunning design, The fabric looks comfortable and soft on the skin, and I love the landscape where you took the photos. Thank you for sharing this amazing suit.

  13. You look fantastic in your abstracted leaf-shape print jumpsuit!

    You look so good, you might soon have a jumpsuit doppelgänger in the middle of Canada – I I was thinking I would use what I have of this for a Folkwear Beach Pyjama, (but of course I will need to muslin it first, as I’m 5’ 2” and plus-sized, & it may not be something I want use this fabulous fabric on after-all). I’ve been emboldened by you!

  14. I’m just putting the bias finish on my first Zadie using a lovely turquoise washed linen from Blackbird Fabrics. Now I want to do a second pair cut into shorts with a bold pattern (thanks for the inspiration!) Perfect for relaxing on the deck supervising the kids in the pool!

  15. This is gorgeous! *heart eyes* I wanted to ask (if it’s okay) whether you made any adjustments to the pattern? I realised this week while reading through the blog for inspo that your height and size are super similar to mine, but I’m rubbis at knowing when I need to make adjustments, so I’m excited to find someone else who sewed the Zadie and might be able to help! Thanks so much in advance, and I love the blog and the podcast <3

    1. Hi Louiza! I’m happy to share! I found that this pattern is a bit long in the rise for me, even at my height, almost 5’10”, I shortened the rise by 1″ and the bodice by 1/2″ for this version. I also have one that I made with no adjustments and I still wear it all the time, I just find the crotch sits low on me.

  16. Thanks so much for such a quick reply!! I usually find that RTW jumpsuits (or onesie pyjamas…) are too short in the rise and give me a ‘hungry bum’ as they call it on the Sewing Bee so I’m glad to know this pattern has a long rise! I’ve now bought it and can’t wait to make it

  17. Looks Fabulous !! I have recently bought this pattern and was looking for someone that has modified it. I’m so glad you said you shortened the bodice…. going to have to do this as i am only 5’3 and not sure i have a waist that wants to be seen so was thinking of making more empire ish. Now to find some fabric …… definatly thinking more patterned now seen yours…….

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