Ashton Dress Hack with Long Sleeves in Hemp Denim

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Ashton Denim Dress Hack

Denim Ashton Dress Hack featuring Long Sleeves Expansion

I just can’t get enough of the Ashton Top with sleeves since we released this handy expansion pack! We’ve hacked the butterfly sleeve view into a dress already (see here) and I thought a shorter dress with the long sleeves would be really great, too. I envisioned a go-go dancer inspired look that I could wear with tights and boots so here we are! It’s short, it’s denim, it’s fab!

Ashton Long Sleeve Expansion Pattern
The Ashton Long Sleeve Expansion
Ashton dress hack with long sleeves and patch pockets. Make in 6oz hemp denim.
Ashton dress hack in hemp denim, back view.

Speaking of denim, this fabric is one of my favourites at the moment. I have made several things with it and I love the weight and the way it wears with age. This is 6oz Hemp & Organic Cotton Denim from Blackbird Fabrics. The weight is really nice for so many garments, and as this dress gets worn and washed the seam lines will start to weather and lighten just like a well-worn pair of jeans. 

Close up of hemp denim patch pocket on Ashton dress. Hemp denim seams will distress beautifully with age.
Ashton denim dress with long sleeves, side view.

For this Ashton dress hack, we extended the Ashton Top down from the hemline to add length. We followed the angle of the side seam and there is plenty of room at the hips for me. If you usually grade out at the hips, you may want to do so here too. Measure the pattern at the hips to see if you need more room. See my other dress hack post for detailed instructions on how to lengthen the pattern! 

Retro inspired denim dress, made from the Ashton Top and Ashton Sleeve Expansion pack.
Ashton denim dress shown seated in hemp denim with long sleeve expansion pattern.

I added 10” in length to my Ashton Top for this mini dress. It’s pretty short! In hindsight, I probably should have added about 12”. I might even un-hem the bottom of the dress after it has weathered a bit in the wash and go with a raw hem at the bottom, which I think would look really cool. 

Denim Ashton dress hack featuring sleeve expansion and cuffed elbows.
Ashton top with long sleeve expansion lengthened into a dress with patch pockets. Made in a hemp denim.

I love how this garment as a cute winter dress paired with tights and I can also see it being a great dress for all other seasons! My preferred way to style the long sleeve Ashton Top is with the sleeves rolled up to the elbow and this denim is ideal for that. The lighter side of the denim adds some fun visual interest. 

Close up of rolled denim sleeves on Ashton sleeve expansion.
Ashton top hack in hemp denim. Close up of neckline binding.

We took lots of pictures of the details on this dress because I want to re-photograph it in a few months and show you how it has aged. I expect there will be really pretty wavy bumps along the seam lines and white creases forming in the fabric. This may sound like a bad thing, but with denim and linen, I find this natural weathering to be so beautiful! I look forward to sharing again later so we can compare.

Ashton Sleeve Expansion Pack  shown with long sleeves and rolled cuffs on a denim dress.
Retro inspired Ashton dress hack. Made in a 6oz hemp denim.

Thanks for checking out this Ashton Top dress hack! You can see the Ashton Top here, the Ashton Sleeves Expansion Pack here and our other Ashton Hacks here

Happy sewing!

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  1. Gorgeous!! Now that I’ve got the fit that suits me with my Ashton, how easy would it be to turn the sleeved Ashton into a cropped, unlined jacket? Regards, Sandra

    1. OOO I love this idea! I think it would be pretty easy – adding seam allowance to the middle and sewing a facing or bias strip there to bind it. If you want an overlap with closures, adding in more at the center front to accommodate that. Great idea!

  2. Great hack. Love the idea of an Ashton jacket as well, aren’t sewists great at giving inspiration. Haven’t even sewn a single Ashton yet but luckily I’ve got the pattern and sleeve expansion pack

  3. I love this denim dress, do you think it could be made in Ponte Roma? Would you need to drop a size?

  4. Did you ever do comparison photos? I’m obsessed with both this fabric and the Ashton top! I just finished my first one in BB fabric :))

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