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March Model Spotlight: Kate

Helen's Closet March Top and Dress Sewing Pattern. Get 20% off until the end of March, 2021!

When I first moved to my new home on Vancouver Island, I put out a call for models for Helen’s Closet. We got so many amazing volunteers and it is really cool to have local sewists and makers come in and model our designs! For this pattern launch we were lucky enough to have three models (three!). I want to shine the spotlight on them over the next few days to help you consider size, fabric, and styling for the March Top and Dress! Today I want to introduce you to Kate. Let’s get started!

The March Top and Dress is 20% off during the launch! No code required. 

View C of the March Top and Dress pattern by Helen's Closet.

I met Kate shortly after we relocated, and I was delighted that she was game to come and model for Helen’s Closet. In fact, she posted a fashion inspiration photo in her stories recently and it looked so much like March! It felt like a sign so I reached out to invite her to model this design.

Kate smiling cheerfully in her yellow linen March dress.

We made all three views of the March Top and Dress for Kate. Here are the details for each piece:

Model’s Measurements: High Bust (49”), Full Bust (53”), Waist (54”), Hips (58”), Height: 5’7”

Size Made: Straight 26 (Views A & B), 26 graded to a 28 at the hips (View C)

Adjustments: Lengthened the pattern 1” at the bottom center front and tapered back up at the side seams. This gave extra length in the front to drape over the bust. 

Fabrics Used: Washed Linen (yellow), 6oz Tencel Twill (pink), and Block Printed Cotton (green print). All sourced from Blackbird Fabrics

Side by side of Kate modelling all three views of the March Top and Dress.

We had a blast shooting all three of these samples! Kate was particularly smitten with the pink Tencel Twill version and I can see why. The peplum flounce and the dramatic sleeves are so much fun to play with! She could hardly contain her desire to dance during the shoot and it was a lot of fun to try and capture the spring in her step! 

Kate showing off View B of the March Top, which features long sleeves and a peplum hem.
Close up of the March Top and Dress sewing pattern necktie. Leave it lose or tie it up for a bit of whimsy.
View B of the March Top by Helen's Closet, made in a 6 oz tencel twill.

For view B of March I think a drapey fabric works best. It helps the waist peplum to relax. That said, you can certainly go for a more voluminous peplum here, too! This 6oz Tencel Twill was a great choice because it has the drape and it captures the look of the gathers and ruffles really well. You can clearly see the style lines and the neck tie closes and hangs beautifully because this fabric is nice and sleek. Other drapey fabric options would include rayon/viscose challis or poplin, Ecovero twill or challis, 4oz Tencel Twill, and viscose noil. 

View B of the March Top, shown seated.
View B of the March top features a gathered peplum. Kate's version has 1 inch of length added to the center front.
Back view of the March Dress and Top sewing pattern by Helen's Closet, shown seated.

Next, we photographed the green block print and I just love how these fun little flowers look on the shorter gathered sleeves! The lightweight cotton makes for such a breathable spring/summer shirt and it also holds its shape well. More structured fabrics like this are excellent for view C of March. There is no neck tie on this view and the ‘V’ cut out at the center front really shines in this cute print! 

Helen's Closet March Top and Dress Sewing Pattern, View C
View C of the March top features an elegant v-neck slit with no neck tie.
The March Top and Dress Pattern in View C, shown seated.
Side by side of the March Top by Helen's Closet. This version was made in a lightweight cotton fabric.
View C of the March Top and Dress pattern features short sleeves and a straight peplum.

Last but not least, we photographed the yellow dress. When I confirmed that Kate was interested in modelling for me again, I knew that we were going to make her this yellow dress. She had mentioned to me that she loves yellow and there is something about this particular shade that just suits her perfectly! I’m so glad I went for it because WOW does she ever look stunning in this dress. I was having so much fun taking the pictures because she was literally beaming like a ray of sunshine. 

The March Dress made in a washed linen and modelled by Kate.

At one point during the shoot, Kate mentioned how amazing it is to have cool, oversized clothes like March that actually fit. It has been her experience that when RTW garments are intended to fit loosely on straight-sized folks, that style doesn’t translate to the plus-size/fat versions of those garments. Things are often way too tight and restrictive, and they don’t give the wearer that modern, voluminous style. She was thrilled to have these three new garments in her closet that capture that look!

Side view of the March Dress pattern by Helen's Closet.

I also love washed linen for this pattern—any of the views look fantastic in it! The dress is particularly great in linen because it adds to that breezy/whimsical look and linen can hold volume well. We can clearly see the skirt volume, the center front/back panels, and the sleeve poof!

The March Dress and Top pattern by Helen's Closet in a linen fabric. Side by side with close up on the sleeve.
Kate really loves her March Dress, made in one of her favorite colors: yellow.

I think Kate looks just unbelievable in this sunshine yellow dress, don’t you? I told her she looked like a gorgeous sunflower and she said she thought this dress captured her inner child. I love what custom clothing can do! It makes me so happy to take pictures of folks feeling confident and beautiful in my designs.

View A of the March Top and Dress, shown seated.

The March Top and Dress is 20% off during the launch! No code required. 

The March Top and Dress by Helen's Closet is on sale for 20% off until the end of March, 2021!
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  1. I love this spotlight! Kate looks great in all of these looks, and I can’t wait to sew up my own March versions. Thanks for another great pattern!

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