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Linen Cameron Button Up

Helen's Linen Cameron Button Up - Helen's Closet Blog

I’ve got another version of our new Cameron Button Up shirt pattern to share with you today! Earlier this week, I showed off my cozy flannel layering version of this pattern (see the full post here). Today I want to share my version of View B, the short sleeve view included in the Cameron Button Up. 

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Helen's Linen Cameron Button Up - Helen's Closet Blog

I have to admit that when I was designing Cameron, I was so focused on the long sleeve view as a layering shirt that I didn’t pay much mind to the short sleeve option. It wasn’t until we started sewing the samples that I thought—wait a minute—I really like this style! I haven’t been a fan of a fully buttoned up shirt on me because RTW shirts never feel comfortable around the neck. Thankfully, we achieved such a nice fit with Cameron that I can finally rock this style and feel great in it!

Helen's Linen Cameron Button Up - Helen's Closet Blog

I made a straight size 16 for this Cameron which is where my measurements put me. Cameron includes sizes 0-34 (up to a 62” chest/hip). I also lengthened the shirt 3” (7.6 cm). I love the amount of ease in this design, it makes for a really comfortable and relaxed fit. If you want to see me in a sized up version (18), check out my flannel version here.

My measurements are:

High Bust – 40” (101.5 cm)

Full Bust – 44” (112 cm)

Waist – 34” (86.5 cm)

Hips – 45” (114 cm)

Height – 5’9.5” (176.5 cm)

Helen's Linen Cameron Button Up - Helen's Closet Blog

I chose linen for this short sleeve shirt and I just adore the pattern and colours in this handwoven fabric from Blackbird Fabrics. I wanted to highlight the print by playing with the direction and placement in the design. I chose opposite directions for the shirt fronts and the back yoke is cut on the cross grain. I also highlighted the pocket using the same technique. This saves you from needing to pattern match! I love how the print intersects across the front and side seams. You could do this with different fabrics and colours, too! Franken-shirt? Yes please!

Helen's Linen Cameron Button Up - Helen's Closet Blog
Helen's Linen Cameron Button Up - Helen's Closet Blog

I think the Cameron Button Up is one of our most versatile patterns to date as far as fabric options and styling. It can be totally transformed by the fabrics you choose and it can be styled loose, tucked in, open, or closed! It can be sewn into a shacket, a blouse, or even lengthened into a dress. I love wearing my Camerons in all different ways but with this linen version, I especially love it tucked into high waisted jeans and belted. I like to button it all the way up for a bit of a preppy vibe. I feel SO cute in this!

Helen's Linen Cameron Button Up - Helen's Closet Blog

One last thing I wanted to say about this Cameron—I made a very frustrating mistake when sewing this! Yes, I make mistakes when sewing ALL THE TIME! Messing up is a part of the process and figuring out how to solve your mistakes is a great learning opportunity. So what did I do? I sewed my buttonholes on the wrong side of my placket, and I even cut them open too! It felt like my heart stopped when I realized my mistake, since I was sewing this version of Cameron to share during our launch week and I was so close to being done! 

After I calmed down a bit I figured out what to do. There are a couple of options for fixing this mistake.

  • First option is to overlap the placket the other way and just accept that the outer placket will not have a cute little tuck in it—no biggie. 
  • Second option is to sew buttonholes on the correct placket and sew buttons over the first set of buttonholes. 
Helen's Linen Cameron Button Up - Helen's Closet Blog

I opted for option #2 because I love that cute little tuck in the buttonhole placket and I didnt want to lose it. In the end, the buttons hide the first set of buttonholes really well and when it is buttoned up, you can’t tell I made that mistake at all! Whew, that is a relief!

Helen's Linen Cameron Button Up - Helen's Closet Blog

Thanks for checking out my linen Cameron Button Up! I can’t wait to share more of my Cameron collection with you over the next few weeks. 

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