About Helen’s Closet Patterns

Helen’s Closet Patterns is passionate about creating thoughtful, well-designed and timeless sewing patterns. Sew your dream wardrobe using our patterns and follow along on our blog and social media for pattern hacks, wardrobe inspiration and sewing tips!

We have been creating wearable & modern designs for the home sewist since 2016. We started as a sewing blog in 2015 and our blog is still a huge part of what we do. We love sharing resources, promoting fellow designers, and inspiring others with our pattern hacks and DIY projects.


What makes Helen’s Closet Patterns special?

We believe strongly that fashion and style is for everybody and every body. Our patterns include sizes 0-30 and offer cup sizing when applicable.

Helen’s Closet Patterns also offers some of the best pattern instructions in the sewing world! Not only will you be confident while using our patterns, you will learn things along the way to help you level up your sewing. Want to check them out? Download our free Costa Tote pattern!

Follow along with our blog and instagram for loads of helpful sewing tips and inspiration. Sew the wardrobe you have always wanted!

Giving Back

Helen’s Closet donates 5% of our profit to a rotating list of non-profits that support our values. We believe in giving back to our community and recognize how incredibly privileged we are to do what we do.

We hope to increase this number each year and to be able to make a difference with our sewing.

What We're Up To

The Helen's Closet Team

Meet Helen

Hi! I’m Helen Wilkinson, the founder of Helen’s Closet Patterns. I live in Courtenay, BC, Canada with my partner, Sam. We love cooking good food, playing board games with friends, and binging Netflix. Oh, and I LOVE sewing.

I have always been head over heels about clothes, costumes, fashion, and fabric. I learned to sew at a very young age and it has been a part of my life ever since! It seems only fitting that I have found myself working in the sewing world. I have a background in design, specifically exhibit design, graphic design, and web design. I started designing sewing patterns when I stumbled upon the online sewing community and completely fell in love.

I could not imagine a better craft to build my business around or a more fulfilling role to play. I am currently focused on creating sewing patterns that work for all shapes and sizes and making sure Helen’s Closet Patterns is helping our community build strong bonds and continue to grow. You can get to know me more by listening to the Love to Sew Podcast!

Meet Sam

Sam is Helen’s partner and biggest fan!

He handles all the customer support for Helen's Closet and takes photos of Helen's makes! Sam has been championing Helen and her patterns since day one and is always willing to lend a hand (or a shoulder to cry on). Thank you, Sam!

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Love to Sew Podcast

Do you like to make your own clothes or want to learn how? Hosts Helen and Caroline engage with the global sewing community and encourage listeners to create their dream wardrobe by sewing their own clothes! Guest interviews explore the online sewing world and running a small business in the slow fashion industry.

Join us every Tuesday for new episodes of Love to Sew!

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