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Wednesday Weekly #72

Happy Wednesday! There were so many pattern releases this week! I love seeing all the spring goodies coming out, it’s making me very excited to get sewing. I also recently cleared out my closet and it felt soooo good.  I was inspired by Style Bee, and I am carefully planning my next few makes to fill in some gaps in my wardrobe.

Wednesday Weekly

News (clockwise from top left)

Sew Caroline released the Primrose Peplum top.

Hey June released the Mountain Pose Yoga Pants.

Ohhhlulu released the Romy Bra and a FREE panty pattern, Celeste.

Tessuti released the Leni Top, and it goes so nicely with their shorts pattern, doesn’t it?

Sew Over It released the Lizzie Skirt.

Wear Lemonade released the Ada Skirt.

Greenstyle Creations released the Scarlet Swing dress.



I am loving the simple stripes in Crafting a Rainbow’s Ebony Tunic.

Michelle’s floral pants are just super.

Another great pair of pants from This Blog is Not For You.

This knit Tamarack from Needleswift looks cozy AF.

I love every Cassiopee dress I see, and this one from Clotilde is no exception.

Fleurine’s Asta is sooooo pretty.

The fit on this red dress from Sewing Princess is spot on.



Sew Essential shows us how to sew a waistband with an invisible zip.

Stone Mountain Fabric does a bra-supply dyeing demo.

The Curvy Sewing Collective shows us how to make a zip fly and a button fly this week.

Did you make that demonstrates how to sew a really great pleat.



I love this gorgeous tutorial on making your own dopp kit from Ute.

DIY Dopp Kit DIY Dopp Kit


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6 Comments on “Wednesday Weekly #72”

  1. I love the new Leni top by Tessuti too! The only thing that stopped me at the checkout was the shipping to Canada 🙁 $30 was more than the pattern so sadly I declined. I know…get into the swing of the PDF world and all solved 🙂

      1. Exciting news re Tessuti! It turned out I wasn’t clicking the right box re shipping – the system was interpreting my order as a Priority Post from Australia which of course would be outrageously expensive 🙂 Matthew was kind enough to invoice me directly for the right amount of postage through regular post which was $11 – quite acceptable. So my pattern is on its way 🙂

        It’s not that I’ve never tried PDF (for example Bootstrap – I did have 3 patterns printed off at Staples and that worked out rather well actually and I have printed off Seamwork’s patterns as well although those I did paste altogether and not terribly thrilled at the process to be honest!) but if I possibly can buy the printed I do prefer them. It’s so much easier for me anyway. I know many do love them – the mood strikes and you have some wonderful fabric burning a hole in your stash pocket – off to surf the net for just the right pattern and within minutes you’re printing it off and running to the cutting table 🙂 I just see a pattern online and think, “I like that! I think I’ll order it !” Then I like to see it arriving in the post all in a neat package that I can put in my box for when I’m ready to use it.

        I’m thrilled to have my Lexi on it’s way from Australia 🙂 What great customer service from Tessuti!

        1. Yay! Sounds like wonderful service to me! I just finished my Leni and I LOVE it, it is so easy to throw on and it looks great. It certainly is meant to be paired with high-waisted things, as it is pretty cropped, but it could easily be lengthened if needed. Glad to hear yours is on the way!

  2. Helen, I just cleaned out my closet, too! Maybe it’s a end-of-winter/spring thing? I’m working on Colette’s Wardrobe Architect right now, and I just wrote my first post of three about the process. I can’t wait to hear YOUR sewing plans. Always looking for inspo from fellow sewists. 😀

    1. Yay! Cleaning out the closet is so cathartic, isnt it? I was really ruthless this time and I am loving getting dressed in the morning now, all that is left are the things I like wearing – what a novel concept, LOL. I have a spring/summer capsule planned and will be sure to do a post about it soon 🙂

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