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Shibori Suki Robe & Sierra Swimsuit

This summer I got together with Caroline and Tasia for some Shibori Indigo Dyeing! We had such a blast and I have a full post coming your way soon with all the details about the methods and fabrics we used. Today I have my first completed Shibori project to share, this Suki Robe I made to wear at the beach. I love having a nice cover-up at the beach because I burn SO easily. I planned to make a beach Suki from the very beginning and after we did our dyeing it was clearly a perfect match.

Sierra Swimsuit Suki Kimono Suki KimonoSuki Kimono

This year on our annual trip to Hornby Island, the sky was very hazy due to the forest fires we are experiencing in BC this summer. It made for interesting photo conditions, almost creating a natural Sepia effect with the light. The fabric used for this Suki is a hemp organic cotton that has a slightly yellow tinge and a very subtle nubbly texture. It feels very natural and soft against the skin, but it also feels durable, making it perfect for wearing outside. I love the drape and the breathability, it really doesn’t feel like a burden to have to wear it in the hot sun.

Suki Kimono Suki Kimono Suki Kimono

The swimsuit I am sporting in these photos is a mashup of the Sierra Bra and the Dakota Swimsuit. The Sierra is a free bra pattern, but I have seen a few other Sierra swimsuits so I thought I would try it out. I’m honestly not crazy about it as a swim top, although I do think it looks cute in these pics. I don’t find it to be comfortable and I don’t feel like I am secure in it. That said, I am definitely out of the cup size range it is recommended for (A/B cups) so I suspected this may be the case. I’m still glad I tried it and I do think the design is really pretty. I’ve made the Seamwork Dakota bottoms a few times now and I love them. They offer a full coverage bum and a nice high waist.

Sierra Swimsuit Sierra Swimsuit Sierra SwimsuitSierra Swimsuit

Hornby Island has a few really lovely sand beaches, but for the most part, it has these huge rock shelf shores that you can walk along for hours! They are covered in seaweed and barnacles (and yes, I scraped my knee). I love wandering these beaches so much, and the Suki definitely made it feel much more glamorous than usual.

Sierra Swimsuit Suki Kimono Suki Kimono Suki Kimono Suki Kimono Sierra Swimsuit

We had a little trouble getting pics in the wind, but there were certainly some great shots in the end. Looking at these makes me miss Hornby so much already! Until next year…

Suki Kimono

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  1. That last picture is marvelous! Very nice suit and robe. Love the high waist, bottom-covering pants!

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