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Wednesday Weekly #117

Happy Wednesday, makers! I am feeling so good this week because I have been following the Yoga with Adriene TRUE yoga challenge! I haven’t missed a day yet and I am really feeling a difference. Since sharing this on Instagram stories, it sounds like many of you are doing it too! If you are interested, you can find out more on Adriene’s channel.

Wednesday Weekly

News (clockwise from top left)

Sew DIY released two Lou Box Dresses this week!

Goheen designs released her first women’s garment pattern, the Madi top.

Itch to Stitch released the Bellavista top.


Community Events

The Fold Line is sharing New Year’s resolutions from makers in the community! Caroline and I are so excited to be included!

The SMYLY (sewing makes you love yourself) challenge is in full swing! Hear the stories from the event organizers here (they are seriously amazing and touching!). You can also read my story here



I am loving the chill vibes of these Coffee House Pants from Mahlica Designs.

The Nesting Crane made a really cool reversible skirt.

Sew Pretty in Pink is rocking some amazing handmade swimwear this week.

Check out this Chalie Caftan from Stuff Jo Has Made.

Maai Design and her daughter look so cute in their matching Waterfall Raglan dresses.

I love the elegance of this Anneli dress from Saturday Night Stitch.

This Cleo dress from Susan Young Sewing is great!

The English Girl at Home made an awesome Tamarack Jacket.

Wanderstitch made an incredible jacket for her partner.

The back of this dress from Zoubi Zoubisou is stunning.

Erica Bunker made a killer pair of overalls.



This Stash Shrinker from Sewjourners helps you to calculate the fabric buying to stashing ratio that is right for you so you can shrink your stash AND buy more fabric. Genius!

Heather Handmade shares three ways to seam rip.

I loved this article from Happy Stitch about why she stopped buying clothes.


Love to Sew Podcast

Heather Lou, the designer behind Closet Case Patterns, is on the show! We chat about her sewing journey, her pattern line, and her recent move to a new office space. Heather offers our listeners an inspiring pep talk about letting go of fear as means to improve our sewing practice and our lives.

Love to Sew Podcast

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Helen Wilkinson is the designer and founder of Helen's Closet Patterns. She also co-hosts the Love to Sew Podcast! Helen is obsessed with all things sewing and strives to share her passion and knowledge with the sewing community.

8 Comments on “Wednesday Weekly #117”

  1. OK, so the idea of multiple ways to seam rip is hilariously new to me. Thanks for these roundups cus otherwise WHO KNOWS when i’d find out about something like that? And, I mean, because they’re nice for other reasons.

  2. Nice roundup!! I listened to the recent podcast with Heather from Closet Case patterns, and it was FIRE! Thank you for the program.

  3. Oh! This is the first time I took the opportunity to lisen your pod cast Love to Sew, nice wok with Heather Lou interview.

  4. I’m also doing the TRUE Challenge! I saw your first paragraph and just had to skip down to comment (I like to save up your posts and sometimes it takes me a few days to get through them because there is so much great content) but I had to chime in. It’s been such a lovely Challenge and feels like a really nice way to start the year and it’s so cool to see someone else doing it too!

    …and I’ll stop nerding out there. 🙂

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