Blackwood Cardigan Tester Roundup

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Blackwood Cardigan Tester Roundup 2

Blackwood Cardigan Tester Roundup

I need to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has supported the size expansion of the Blackwood Cardigan so far. Thank you for looking, commenting, purchasing, and supporting! It means so much to me and it proves that increasing my size range was a great descision for so many reasons. I also need to say an even bigger thank you to the people whose Blackwood photos I am featuring in this post. These are the wonderful sewists who helped me test the ‘new’ version of the Blackwood and make it the best it could be! They dedicated their time and supplies to helping me make this happen. They are awesome and you should go follow them!

You can read more about the new Blackwood Cardigan here and also check out the first tester roundup for sizes 0-22.

What changed after the test?
Testing is a great time to look and alter any areas of the pattern that aren’t as good as they could be. In this case, some excess was removed between the armscye and the front band, the shoulders were narrowed, the sleeve was widened at the bicep, and the instructions were tweaked and perfected.

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“I can’t even begin to explain the joy that I felt when I picked a size that I actually fit into from this patterns extended size range! I didn’t have to alter a thing and I have a lovely fitting cardigan that is beautiful and I didn’t even have to grade up! It’s so comfy and chic and so easy to wear.”

“I’m so excited I got to test Helen’s first pattern with the extended sizes! My cardigan is so cozy and I already want to make another! Can’t wait for what’s next.”

“This was such a treat to sew up. The pattern came together really nicely, and everything lined up perfectly. The instructions are straight forward, and I wound up with a super cozy and flattering cardigan that I plan to wear all the time!”

“I loved the Blackwood Cardigan in its initial version, but I had to grade up through the hips as I was out of the size range. Now its back and better than ever with a great size range that will work for a lot more people. Thanks to Helen for taking the initiative on expanding her size range and for soliciting feedback from a lot of curvy ladies in the process. I know there are many more Blackwood Cardigans in my future.”

“I liked my previous versions of the Blackwood cardigan. I liked this one even better as I didn’t have to make a full bust adjustment or a full biceps adjustment with the extended size range and cut for a D cup version. It’s lovely just to make up a pattern!

I love cardigans – this style is so me! I made the short version this time. I am tall – 5” taller than the pattern was drafted for – but decided to stick with the lengths given. I am pear shaped with a high hip, as wide slightly below my waist as at my full hip. I graded the pattern to fit my body. I used a size 18D at the bust and shoulders grading out to a size 24 at the hips. I used a size 20 for the sleeves. The pattern instructions were very clear and all notches lined up well. Everything came together beautifully. “

“The Blackwood came together quickly and beautifully. I always need an FBA, but I never want to go through the trouble for a quick knit pattern. The new draft in a D cup fit perfectly and really makes the difference in the final fit on curvier bodies.”

“A very cosy pattern, not overly difficult. You need one :)”

“This is my third pattern from Helen’s Closet and as usual, it was very well done. The instructions are clear we very well written and the illustrations help you visualize the step. I will certainly make another.”

“The Blackwood Cardigan is quick and easy to sew. I’m glad Helen added the new D-Cup sizes. Now I can achieve a better fit without doing an FBA.”

“The pattern sews up really well, instructions are fabulous and I love my new cardi. The pockets are at perfect hand height for me and the fit is fab.”

“Such a cute cardigan and it is super easy and quick to sew. It’s a great basic to have in your handmade wardrobe. I love the fact that you don’t have to do any hemming, because of the construction. Yay! I also love that you have the two lengths, but you can also lengthen or shorten it to your heart’s desire to create so many different looks.”

“A cardigan pattern for all seasons and a very quick sew. I’m always looking for a great layering piece and the new sizes of the Blackwood Cardigan make this it the perfect choice.”

“The new version of the Blackwood cardigan is outstanding. The original has already been such a hit with many sewists, and this is a more refined iteration. The cup sizes allow for better drape on the body and I found the sleeves improved as well. And with the larger size range so many more makers will be able to utilize such a fabulous pattern and closet staple.”

“A very easy make. It took me less than 2 hours from cut to finish. Perfect style for layering, easy to throw on and feel put together.
The two different styles instantly made me think of spring and autumn, but I have a feeling I’ll be wearing mine nearly all year long”

“This cardigan was so simple to execute well and is such a great elevated basic. I was a little worried about the open style working for my size 24/26 apple shape but ended up ecstatic with the fit. Not to mention all of the compliments I’ve gotten since wearing it almost every day. I am so excited to make MORE Helen’s Closet pieces in extended sizes. Love!!”

“This was an absolute delight to sew. I made the short version and it was a dream. It’s a classic style that will be easy to wear with a pretty dress or with jeans. What’s more, it’s the comfiest cardigan in the world!”

“Perfect layering basic, love the deep hem band and gently curved open front. Length of sleeves and body is just right for a modern fit.”

“I think this is a great pattern. Helen’s fabulous instructions and tutorials clearly explain the steps and will help you achieve a great fit for your body. I bet this will be your favourite sweater :-). It’s cosy, cute, and best of all, fits under my coats and jackets without coat bunching under my arms.”

“As a self taught sewist, I was apprehensive about pattern testing for a piece of clothing I had never made before. But after reading through the simple and thorough instructions, all doubt was gone and I was excited. This cardigan was as roomy as I hoped, the perfect length that I liked and a quick sew as well! I graded the pattern the same as I do for all the other clothes I make myself to suit this apple shaped body and was in love with the final product! Needless to say, I made a second one 2 days later in another color!! Will definitely be looking forward to other patterns to have this range!”

“I was so honored to be chosen as one of the testers of the Helens Closet #blackwoodcardigan in her new extended sizes. This is a straight size 30 with no alterations. This will definitely be added to my TNT list. Thank you, Helen, for reaching towards more inclusivity.”

“What a great update to a fantastic pattern! Not only does it come with a built-in FBA for the upper size range but it fits beautifully. Great job, Helen!”

“I finally get what all the fuss was about! This pattern came together so quickly that I thought I’d done something wrong! The final product fits perfectly and fills a huge gap in my wardrobe. I love the extra length in the sleeves! Can’t wait to make at least four more.”

Thanks so much for checking out my wonderful testers and their Blackwood Cardigans. If you haven’t tried Blackwood yet, you can grab the pattern for 20% off this week!

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2 Comments on “Blackwood Cardigan Tester Roundup 2”

  1. Hi Helen-

    I’m not curvy myself, but I teach fitness classes and have a LOT of conversations with beautiful women about body positivity, frustrations in the dressing room, clothes that don’t fit right, etc.. I have read every single one of these posts with a huge lump in my throat. I’m so moved by this step you’re taking and by the sewists’ feedback! The highest congratulations. Balloons and confetti for all!!!

  2. Helen, I just can’t tell you how affirming it has been to see all these lovely ladies modeling their Blackwoods. And to open up the PDF and see such detailed instructions about fitting. You’ve knocked it out of the park. I feel so seen, so included, and so good about my body. Having my body be normalized (and the statistical average on your survey) has been a bright star in a month where I’ve been feeling a lot of body shame. Can’t wait to see your full line updated. Gold star! High fives! Job well done! And congrats to this beautiful, happy tester group. You all look marvelous!

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