York Pinafore A-line Hack Refashion

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Refashioned York Pinafore

Happy October! I’m back with another fun York Pinafore refashion project to share with you all! This pattern is the gift that keeps on giving, and I am so glad that many of you think so too! Our #yorkpinafore hashtag is up to 2500 posts! Woohoo!!

York Pinafore A-line Hack Refashion

This week on the Love to Sew Podcast we are chatting about refashioning. Creative refashioning, alterations, mending; basically any way to breathe new life into an old garment.

I am a bit of a thrift store addict, and I love to collect cool fabrics and garments with refashioning potential when I’m shopping. I have a collection of items set aside for when I get the itch to refashion! This time around, I chose a denim skirt that I picked up a couple of years ago. I loved the colour of the denim and the gold topstitching. The waist was too small for me, but since the skirt was A-line, I thought I could make it work for me somehow. I was right!

Original Denim Skirt

This post is a two in one. A refashion and a pattern hack! I am making my York pinafore more A-line for this version, and you can do this with regular fabric, too!

York Pinafore A-line Hack Refashion
York Pinafore A-line Hack Refashion
York Pinafore A-line Hack Refashion

To make your York Pinafore have an A-line shape like this one, simply make the side seams of the pattern more A-line. Don’t over-do it, just a little flare out will do the trick. You will also need to have a curved hem for this a-line look.

I lay my pattern piece over my skirt and used the existing sides seams and hem as a guide.

A-line York Pinafore

I also moved the pockets from the back of the skirt to the front. Now they are cute patch pockets!

York Pinafore A-line Hack Refashion

There were darker areas of the fabric where the back pockets were on the back of the skirt. This is common when working with used garments and I like to use this detail to my advantage! I aligned the back straps of my York pattern with the original pocket area. I also topstitched back over the original stitching lines to elevate the look. It’s not perfectly centered, but I actually like that it is a little wonky. It has personality!

York Pinafore A-line Hack Refashion

I did this once before on my upcycled Hampton Jean Jacket and I love the effect!

Alina Design Co Hampton Jacket

That is about all I did for the refashion! I used almost all of the original skirt, minus the waistband and pockets. I finished my edges with handmade bias binding. Yellow with scissors printed on it, how appropriate!

York Pinafore A-line Hack Refashion
York Pinafore A-line Hack Refashion
York Pinafore A-line Hack Refashion
York Pinafore A-line Hack Refashion

I hope this refashioned York Pinafore gets you inspired to create a refashion of your own! Check out this week’s episode of Love to Sew for more tips and encouragement.

Happy sewing!

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Helen Wilkinson is the designer and founder of Helen's Closet Patterns. She also co-hosts the Love to Sew Podcast! Helen is obsessed with all things sewing and strives to share her passion and knowledge with the sewing community.

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  1. Awesome make! You are so clever to do this! I don’t have vision like this, but you definitely inspire me to look for ways to refashion!

  2. I was thinking about trying to do this exact thing so it’s nice to stumble on a post with you doing it so I can see, yes it would be as awesome in real life as it is in my head!

  3. Thanks! I have a couple of thrift shop denim skirts I knew I could do something with, but did not know what. You have just shown me!

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