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Welcome to our new Website!

Helen's Closet Patterns Logo

Today is a pretty special week for us here at Helen’s Closet Patterns. Since the start of this blog in 2015, I have not had a chance to really create the brand and website that I wanted for Helen’s Closet. Frankly, I was having too much fun doing the actual sewing and pattern development! I just kept putting it off and eventually, I wasn’t even sure how to approach ‘branding’ my company so far into my journey.

Last year (yes, this has taken us a whole year), I started working with a branding agency to figure out what our focus is, what our voice is, and what really matters to Helen’s Closet Patterns. What makes us stand out?

Helen's Closet Patterns

It has been immensely valuable to work through those questions and I feel that the vision for Helen’s Closet Patterns has become much more clear. You can read more about the company on our shiny new about us page!

About Helen's Closet Patterns

As a part of my brand development, we also identified keywords and feelings that represent who we are and how we want to been seen and heard. This was one of my favorite parts of the process! We are playful, we are modern, we are approachable, we are hand-crafted. We believe in fashion for everybody.

Helen's Closet Keywords

We have a couple of logos for the new brand so that we have options for various placements. Our main logo has a hand-drawn feel and was designed to be at the top of our website. Our circular logo fits perfectly on our social profiles and is just so much fun. Both feature a hand with a sewing needle that adds a touch of magic to the design. We are smitten!

Helen's Closet logo

In addition to the new branding, we have a new website! I worked with a local web developer, Katherine Mills, to take my brand and make a fresh new home on the web for us. This has been in the works all summer and it feels so good to finally share the new look.

Website Mockup

So what has changed? Well, we have a new home page that features our pattern designs, blog posts, a bit about us, and the Love to Sew Podcast! We used to direct people straight to our blog, but now we have a proper landing place for visitors to Helen’s Closet Patterns.

We have also updated the pattern shop and product listings! New images on the shop page, as well as a new layout for products. We are moving all products to a new design that showcases the corresponding Instagram hashtag right there in the listing! Check out the new Blackwood Cardigan page!

Pattern Shop
Community Makes

One thing I have been wanting to do for AGES is offer pricing in Canadian currency for Canadian customers. If you live in Canada (like us!), the new site will automatically display the prices in our currency.

The other major improvement to our site is the checkout and pattern file management system. Our checkout is smoother than ever and we have improved the experience so you can easily find and download your files after purchase or in your user account. You can log in and check it out here!

In addition to the new look, we have an FAQ page and more robust search functionality. We hope you also take a moment to read our About page to learn more about the company, what our mission is. and how we give back to our local community. You can also reach out to us via our contact form or leave a comment on this post to let us know what you think of our new look!

Helen's Closet Patterns
About Page
About page

Thank you so much for all the love and support over the years, and if you are just joining us now, thanks for stopping by! We have grown so much since we started in 2015 and we are thrilled to finally have a brand that resonates with us and inspires us to keep creating.

Happy sewing!

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Helen Wilkinson is the designer and founder of Helen's Closet Patterns. She also co-hosts the Love to Sew Podcast! Helen is obsessed with all things sewing and strives to share her passion and knowledge with the sewing community.

14 Comments on “Welcome to our new Website!”

  1. Your new logo is wonderful. I didn’t think of my ever present needle like a magic wand but indeed, it is. I enjoy reading about all of your and the staff’s adventures in sewing. It encourages me to try new ideas I have. It is also shows me new ways to construct clothing to fit my needs. I still have the home ec teacher in my head stressing strict rules with no departures. It is always good to learn fundamentals but branching out is fun. I have a new dress in my closet because of your Ashton top challenge. It was based on a commercial pattern that I had, but now I have your pattern to use. I have so many dresses in my head that I want to make to show the home ec teacher, circa 1960, that patterns are only guidelines not carved in stone.

  2. It looks fantastic, and I’m so pleased to see it running on WordPress and WooCommerce! (That’s who I work for.) But when is your new pattern coming out?! I swear it was alluded to in a podcast not TOO long ago! (Please tell me I wasn’t accidentally listening to a podcast from 2018 or something!)

  3. Congratulations on all the wonderful new adjustments! The website looks amazing, and I like the logo too!

  4. I love the new site! Congratulations — the logo is great. I hate to be a downer, but does this mean the end of Weekly Wednesday? I love it and since Fiona stopped updating new patterns I’ve come to depend on it and also, the makes that are highlighted below. I know this is probably just because of all that is new but just wondered!!!! xox

    1. Coco, thank you so much for reading the Helen’s Closet blog! We are unfortunately going to be retiring the Wednesday Weekly moving forward and focusing on other exciting blog projects. More makes, hacks, and sewing tutorials! It is a difficult decision and we are sad to see it go, but it is getting quite hard to keep up with all the indie pattern releases and sewing projects (which is a good thing!). We are going to continue supporting our fellow designers and community members through our blog and the weekly Love to Sew Podcast, but we will miss the Wednesday Weekly too! Thank you so much for reading along with us for all this time, and we hope you keep reading on!

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