Suki Robe for a man

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A Suki for Sam

Suki Robe for a man

The Suki Robe is one of those patterns that just keeps giving. Not only is it a beautiful project for yourself, but it makes an excellent gift! I have made several Sukis for loved ones and it is always received with such excitement. It’s nice to give somebody a garment they will wear and appreciate on a daily basis.

One of the frequently asked questions we get about the Suki Robe is:

“Can I make Suki for my [partner, boyfriend, husband, father, son]?”

The answer is YES! Suki is drafted for women but it works really well on men and non-binary folks too.

Some Adjustments to Consider:

  • Lengthening or shortening the body of the robe.
  • Adding length to the sleeves.
  • Making the body of the robe less A-line. Bring the side seams in a bit and make it less flared for bodies without full hips.
  • Sew the tie on lower or (if possible) wait until after you give the gift to place the tie at the perfect spot for the recipient.
Suki Robe for a man
Suki Robe for a man

I made this Suki for Sam using our new size range and his measurements put him in the size 28/30. I cut a straight size for him and as you can see, it fits really well! He loves the dramatic sleeves and the A-line flare. If your loved one would prefer a slimmer shape, you can reduce the A-line shape of the robe to make it less ‘swingy’ at the bottom.

Suki Robe for a man
Suki Robe for a man

I placed the waist ties a bit lower and sewed the inner tie as-is. I decided to add length to the sleeve after we cut it out and tried it on, so I simply sewed some more fabric on there and topstitched to make it a design feature.

Suki Robe for a man
Suki Robe for a man

We also changed the pockets for Sam’s Suki. If inseam pockets are not your cup of tea, you can try these patch pockets instead!

Suki Robe patch pockets

I think the contrasting fabric for the bands and ties makes this extra special. I am also really pleased with how my corners turned out on this Suki. It is a tricky spot to sew and when it comes together it is always an amazing sewing achievement!

I used washed linen from Blackbird Fabrics for the main body and lightweight linen from Maiwa for the bands.

Suki Robe for a man
Helen and Sam from Helen's Closet Patterns

Sam is going to be living in his Suki and I know he will get a ton use out of it for years to come! If you have any questions about making Suki for your loved one, let us know!

Suki Robe for a man
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  1. Helen, your patterns are just the BEST for getting more interesting variations to sew up from each pattern purchased! Thank you so much!

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