Seamwork Almada Robe by Helen's Closet

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Seamwork Almada Robe

I look forward to Seamwork magazine each month, particularly because of the two patterns that are provided with each subscription.  The magazine itself is free to read, so you if you haven’t yet, you should check it out!  Each month, the magazine has a theme and the patterns go along with that theme.  As a subscriber, you get two credits to use on the current issue’s patterns or any patterns from past issues.  Check out the pattern library here.  So far, I have made the Reno and Dakota swimsuit, Kenedy dress (not blogged yet), and this Almada Robe.

Seamwork Almada Robe by Helen's Closet
Seamwork Almada Robe by Helen's Closet    Seamwork Almada Robe by Helen's Closet

Seamwork Almada Robe by Helen's Closet

The Almada robe was included in the February intimates issue of Seamwork, and it was an instant hit with the sewing community.  It is fun to sew up simple projects like this that can be made from bold prints and worn around the house.  I was in need of a lightweight robe for spring/summer, and the Almada is perfect!  I love the loose fit and the dramatic sleeves.  I also love that the ties are attached to the robe, so they can’t fall off and get lost!  It sounds silly, but I am constantly misplacing ties for things, so this is pretty great.

Seamwork Almada Robe by Helen's ClosetSeamwork Almada Robe by Helen's Closet
Seamwork Almada Robe by Helen's Closet Seamwork Almada Robe by Helen's Closet

The fabric I used is a digitally printed cotton from Dressew supply here in Vancouver.  It is super lightweight and soft, perfect for throwing on in the morning.  I love this crazy print, with the flowers, swirls, and bright colours.  It makes me feel awake and happy, so maybe I will be more inclined to leap out of bed just to put it on (not likely, haha).
Seamwork Almada Robe by Helen's Closet
Seamwork Almada Robe by Helen's Closet

The construction of the Almada is very simple, it would be a good project for a beginner looking for a bit of a challenge (bias binding can be tricky).  For the bias, I made my own out of the leftover fabric and decided not to turn the bias to the inside of the garment, because I liked the way it looked along the edge. All seams are finished using french seams, and I used the stitch-in-the-ditch technique to get hide the exposed seams on the cuffs. I opted not to add the snap at the top, but after wearing it around the house a bit, I think I will pick one up and sew it on.  The robe gapes open without one, so it makes sense to have the option to close it up.

Seamwork Almada Robe by Helen's Closet Seamwork Almada Robe by Helen's Closet

I think the Almada is a great pattern and it would make an awesome present for a friend or family member.  I may whip up a few of these for Christmas next year!
Have you made the Almada?  What is your favourite Seamwork Pattern?

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  1. Your Almada looks beautiful! I didn’t think about making it but now I am seriously considering it. I love the vfisible bias binding too, it’s very pretty.

  2. You really have an eye for fabulous fabrics! Your kimono is amazing and makes me realise that I had overlooked this pattern in the seamwork library. What a great idea for a gift too!

  3. Love that fabric! It’s perfect for your robe. I’m tempted to try and find some for myself at dressew. I’m in need of a lightweight robe and have been contemplating this pattern as I’ve got a seamwork subscription. I’m wondering about the fitted shape around the hips and hem as I’m quite pear shaped. How much ease do you have? Is it comfortable for sitting? Looks fabulous!

    1. Thanks, Renee! If you do go hunting for it, it was stashed in with the rayons when I found it, and there was a couple of colourways. I have a pretty good amount of ease, and usually grade from a 14 to 16 at the hips, but this time I made a straight large. It overlaps abour 6″ in the front when closed, and about 1″ when sitting crossed legged. I find it comfortable to sit in, but you could grade up or change the shape of the bottom a bit to get more ease. Hope that helps!

  4. Beautiful!! I was thinking of sewing myself one of these. Do you have trouble moving your arms when the ties are done up, or are you free to move?

    1. Thanks! Because of the slope on the arms, it doesn’t have as much freedom of movement as some other lounge kimonos I have had in the past. If I lift my arms above my shoulders, the whole kimono lifts up and no longer covers my hips. It doesn’t really restrict the movement, but it does move around when I move around. I think it is ideal for post-shower or for throwing on over pjs, not really for getting the mail or cooking breakfast.

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