Deer and Doe Lupin Jacket

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Tencel Twill Lupin Jacket

This pattern has been sitting in my pattern stash for about a year and I am so excited to finally have sewn it up! This is the Lupin Jacket from Deer & Doe and it is my first time working with a D&D pattern! I fell in love with the sporty design of this jacket when I first saw it and I decided to make it in a tencel twill to showcase the drape of the front lapels. I really like how it turned out and it has been getting a lot of wear this fall season!

Deer and Doe Lupin Jacket
Deer and Doe Lupin Jacket Deer and Doe Lupin Jacket Deer and Doe Lupin Jacket

Since I chose to make my Lupin with an army green tencel twill, It already had a slight military vibe to it. I ran with that when choosing the buttons for the lapels and I absolutely love them. They have tiny lions of them that remind me of the Gryffindor lion! It doesn’t get better than that in my book…pun intended.

Deer and Doe Lupin JacketDeer and Doe Lupin Jacket

The trickiest part of the Lupin is the welt pockets, but the instructions are good and I’m glad I didn’t skip over them. I like the way my hands can rest in the pockets, but I will say that they are too small and open for my phone or keys to be secure.

Deer and Doe Lupin JacketDeer and Doe Lupin Jacket

The lupin cuffs bunch up a bit at the sleeves, creating a nice, casual look. It’s just one of the many details I appreciate about this design! For my lining, I’m using a grey Bemburg that sort of matches the outside. I like the subtle contrast and the jacket slips on and off very easily.

Deer and Doe Lupin Jacket Deer and Doe Lupin Jacket
Deer and Doe Lupin JacketDeer and Doe Lupin JacketDeer and Doe Lupin Jacket Deer and Doe Lupin Jacket

I hope you consider the Lupin Jacket from Deer & Doe for a nice casual outer layer! I want to make another in a light wool or maybe even leather!

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7 Comments on “Tencel Twill Lupin Jacket”

  1. Loving your Lupin Helen! The topstitching is so perfect. Really admiring your jacket making skills at the minute too – I’m still stalling on my Autumn trench coat when I should be getting my teeth into a winter coat! Feeling inspired to push on with them both, thanks 🙂 x

    1. Thanks Shauni! I assure you, my topstitching is far from perfect, especially around the cuffs – dont look! I really love jacket making, and even when I dont finish my coat in time for the season, I love getting it out next time fall and winter comes around and having it ready to go! Don’t stop now 😉

  2. Thanks for sharing this make! Your lupin is beautiful. I can see what others have said about the cuffs being too small—a heavier weight fabric would have a hard time with the bunching that looks so cute with the tencel twill. I’m going to make up one (soon! ok, eventually…) in a silver metallic laser cut faux leather and will definitely do some sleeve to cuff ratio adjusting thanks to you. Go Gryffindor!

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