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Upcycled Quilted Pona Jacket

Hi friends! I am delighted to share this project with you: my upcycled quilted Pona Jacket! Pona is our latest pattern here at Helen’s Closet, and I am VERY into it.

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When Helen first started designing this pattern, I thought that a quilted version would look really cool and be nice and cozy for winter. I noticed that quilted jackets and duffle coats were trending for the colder months, and so I decided that I wanted to take advantage of that by executing a big refashion/upcycling project. Since Pona was in development, I tried out the pattern and my project idea at the same time.

I found this quilted blanket at a local thrift store for only $15! It definitely felt funny when I bought a blanket at the beginning of the week and then walked back into the same store a few days later wearing a jacket made out of the same blanket! The blanket was queen size, so there was plenty of yardage for my Pona. I tried my best to match the quilting pattern on the pockets and jacket front/back, and I’m pretty satisfied with how it turned out!

Oh, also- this is an entirely Helen’s Closet outfit. Aside from my Pona Jacket, I am also wearing an Elliot Sweater and a York Pinafore. My boots are, of course, not Helen’s Closet- those are Doc Martens.

Sewing Pona is such a joy. I found it to be quick and easy for a jacket pattern, that’s for sure! I have very little patience for…well, anything, really, so that is a huge plus for me. Pona is so, so satisfying to make, because it feels like a big project, but doesn’t take that long to make. The only thing that I struggled with was trying to get the topstitching to be nice and perfectly straight in areas where I was sewing through multiple layers of quilted blanket (like attaching the patch pockets, the hem and the collar), but I made it through in the end. I think it’s important to remind yourself that not everything has to be 100% perfect, all the time. Also, 99.9% of the people you meet aren’t going to be paying attention to how straight the side topstitching on your pockets is.

I’m so satisfied with how this Pona looks. I almost feel like I cheated, because the quilting is so lovely, but I didn’t have to do any quilting. One of my favourite details is the scalloped topstitching on the pocket tops- I decided to have some fun with the topstitching on the pockets, and I tried a decorative stitch using a manual cam that came with my machine (a Singer 411G) when it was originally sold back in the 1960’s. I think it adds such a cute and subtle touch of decoration!

Since the original blanket was so large, I had quite a bit leftover when I finished. I cut the remaining blanket into 10″ x 10″ squares so that I could make some bowl cozies. I combined the blanket pieces with some nice quilting cotton scraps from my stash to whip these handy little guys up. Aren’t they cute?

All in all, this project was a big, fat sewing win. Inexpensive? Check. Sustainable? Check. Fun to sew? Check. Looks put together but I am outside literally wearing a blanket?! Check. I love you Pona Jacket!

Get the Pona Jacket

Pona Jacket Sewing Pattern by Helen's Closet
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Hi, I'm Chloe, the Creative Assistant at Helen's Closet! I'm a Vancouver transplant from San Francisco. I love sewing, the outdoors, and RuPaul's Drag Race.

16 Comments on “Upcycled Quilted Pona Jacket”

  1. This is spectacular. I love the wave quilting. So Japonesque. Love the color. And if anyone wants to make it for customers, It could sell it in USA for at least $300.

  2. Very nice jacket. It looks great. The model above sure looks like Tasia from Sewaholic, is it?

  3. The jacket is fabulous. It doesn’t even look like the same pattern as the others. What a great way to recycle! Thanks for passing on that tip. Quilted jackets are very expensive. You got a steal for $15.

  4. I’m a quilter and love how you repurposed this lovely quilt. The quilt will live on and be loved again.

    1. Thanks so much Gay! I think this quilt was machine made but I hope to make one out of a homemade quilt for a friend of mine- now that would be really special!

  5. A girl after my own heart. I make apparel all the time from thrifted curtains and blankets. I’m so inspired by this. I have the pattern and can hardly wait to make it!!!

    1. Thanks Laura! Chloe’s Pona was left unlined as per the original pattern, but she serged the edges of the facing with matching grey serger thread. The fabric was a blanket originally so it looked the same on both sides!

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