Ilford Jacket in midweight linen by Helen's Closet

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Ilford Jacket in Midweight Linen

Ilford Jacket in midweight linen by Helen's Closet

This week I am feeling so much empathy for those impacted by COVID-19 and all the people working to ensure that we can pull through this. Sam and I are so fortunate to have a business where we can work and live from home. We also feel thankful that our business can help fuel some creativity in these uncertain times and provide a source of comfort and respite from the news if needed.

I know the sewing community will embrace this chance to create and share and come together online. I will be on Instagram this week sharing some sewing projects in stories so if you need a distraction or if you want to hang out with me in my sewing studio, please check it out! If you need a break from everything online, a sewing project could give you the mental space you are looking for! It is my hope that you are safe, healthy, and staying positive.

A few weeks ago we adventured to a quiet spot near our home and got some pics of my Ilford Jacket by Friday Pattern Company! I was inspired by talking with Chelsea on the Love to Sew Podcast (the episode is available this week) and I decided to whip this up.

Ilford Jacket in midweight linen by Helen's Closet
Chelsea Gurnoe Friday Pattern Company on the Love to Sew Podcast
Chelsea was on the Love to Sew Podcast! Listen Here
Ilford Jacket in midweight linen by Helen's Closet

The Ilford Jacket is a chore coat style that is very simple and satisfying to sew. I made this linen Ilford in Pine mid-weight linen from Blackbird Fabrics and I LOVE it. It looks so great over many different outfits and I find myself putting it on while I work in the studio because the heavier linen is just so pleasing to wear.

Ilford Jacket in midweight linen by Helen's Closet
Ilford Jacket in midweight linen by Helen's Closet

This is the longer view of Ilford with the wider sleeves that you can roll up (my fav wear to wear it). My Ilford is size 20 with no adjustments to the body or length. My measurements fit the Friday Pattern Co size 20 and I am 5’10. You can also wear the Ilford open or closed, and it is designed to be unisex and work for many figures. I plan to make Sam one in duck canvas next!

Ilford Jacket Friday Pattern Company
Check out the Ilford Jacket here.
Ilford Jacket in midweight linen by Helen's Closet
Ilford Jacket in midweight linen by Helen's Closet

Ilford is unlined and it comes together quite quickly! It is a good sew for anyone wanting to try outerwear or collars but is a little intimidated.

Ilford Jacket in midweight linen by Helen's Closet
Ilford Jacket in midweight linen by Helen's Closet

I hope you enjoyed checking out my linen Ilford! Check out Chelsea over on the Love to Sew Podcast this week.

Sewing brings me so much peace and reminds me that community is all around me. We may be physically distant but we can be socially together in our online space and continue to sew and share. We’ve got this!

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Helen Wilkinson is the designer and founder of Helen's Closet Patterns. She also co-hosts the Love to Sew Podcast! Helen is obsessed with all things sewing and strives to share her passion and knowledge with the sewing community.

13 Comments on “Ilford Jacket in Midweight Linen”

  1. I’ve been wanting to see your version of the Ilford jacket every since you mentioned it on the podcast. It does not disappoint and is added inspiration to make one myself. Thanks for the fitting hints and for “being there”.

  2. This is so helpful Helen. It is on my list and seeing you in the longer version is great. Thank you for all you do for our making community.

  3. Love it! I loved the podcast episode and have some Blackbird fabric linen with Pona and Ilford plans. Loved your sewing stories this week!

  4. Love it! Looks so comfortable. So versatile. I sure it will be worn all the time( if we ever get to go out again).

  5. Goodness this looks gorgeous on you! I have some waxed canvas and I’m considering making the long Ilford Jacket. Do you think the collar (or anything component of this pattern) would be a nightmare to sew in waxed canvas?

    1. Hi Judith. Once you’ve made the purchase, an email will be sent to you with the pattern files. Did you purchase a pattern from us? If so, I can always email you directly with the files. Please let me know, thanks!

  6. It looks great! I am making this in a 6 oz linen, and it feels like it’ll be more of a shirt than a jacket. I’m curious what weight linen you used. Thanks!

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