Pona Jacket with Waist Tie

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Pona Jacket with Waist Tie

Pona Jacket with Waist Tie in tencel jacquard fabric.

This week I have a super simple hack to share with you – how to add a waist tie or belt to your Pona Jacket! I love this little added detail because it provides visual interest while also making it possible to cinch the waist at the back and/or tie the jacket closed.

Pona closed shut with a waist tie.
Back view of the Pona with a waist tie.

How to Sew a Waist Tie or Belt

Making this tie is easy – I used the pattern pieces from the Dressing Robe pattern. I also made loops for my tie using a small piece of fabric. You can draft your own or use a different pattern piece if you like! Here are the measurements of my tie and loop pieces:

Self fabric waist tie drafting dimensions.

Once you have the pattern, it is time to cut the fabric out (ties are usually easy to squeeze in along the edge of the fabric when cutting, so you shouldn’t need extra).

Once cut, fold each tie in half lengthwise and sew along the short, angled side and most of the long side. Stop about 10″ (25 cm) from the end.

Technical illustration of how to sew a belt.

Turn the ties right side out and press them flat. I drop a safety pin into the tie end, attach it by opening it through the fabric, and then pull the tie end out. You can also drop a point turner in there to get a nice pointed end.

Sew the remaining short ends of the ties together with right sides facing. Press seam open.

Technical illustration of a waist tie prior to being sewn shut.

Press the seam allowance in along the edge of the tie and pin closed.

Technical illustration of a pinned belt.

Topstitch all around the tie.

Technical illustration of a top stitched belt.
Waist tie close up.

Make a belt loop with a small piece of fabric. Fold it lengthwise with right sides together and sew it along the long edge. Turn right side out and press flat. Topstitch if you like.

If your fabric is thick, you can fold the fabric in toward the wrong side along both lengthwise edges and then again in the middle to enclose all the raw edges before topstitching.

Technical illustration of how to sew belt loops.

Cut your loops to the desired length and press the ends under. Sew them to your garment where you wish your belt to sit. I sew back and forth a few times here to create a strong anchor.

Technical illustration of the Pona Jacket with a waist tie.
Belt loop close ups.

That’s all there is to it! You can leave the ties dangling, tie them in the back, or tie your Pona closed in the front. I like mine dangling, pulling the back in slightly to create a more defined waist.

Waist ties are an easy feature to add to the Pona!
Pona with waist tie, back view.
Pona Jacket with Waist Tie
Pona in a tencel jacquard fabric.

I used a gorgeous Tencel Jacquard from Blackbird Fabrics for this view A version. I LOVE this jacket and I can’t wait to layer it over literally everything this fall.

Let me know if you have any questions about this hack!

Helen in her Pona Jacket, petting her dog Emma.
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  1. This would work with fitting /altering men’s shirts to be worn by women also!! Thanks for the inspiration!

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