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Scrappy Stockings

Well, it didn’t take long for me to get into my second quilt project (see my first one here)! I decided to continue with my Christmas theme and make some stockings from fabric scraps. This time I wanted to try improv quilting and come up with my own designs. I also decided not to go full-on Christmas with the fabrics and experiment with some fun colour combinations using leftover fabrics from my garment making instead.

DIY Quilted Stockings using Fabric Scraps
DIY Quilted Stockings using Fabric Scraps

These are the first three in a collection I am working on. It’s just the two of us in our household (and Emma, too!) but we often have family over for the holidays and it’s nice to have lots of stockings to accommodate everyone. I am preparing for future years when we can be together again and it is helping me to get through this year apart from loved ones!

I’m using fabric scraps that are similar in fiber and weight. These are all linens and cottons. I put them together in piles of 4-5 colours and prints that paired well. You want to have contrast between colours and value (light and dark). Since this is improv quilting, you can approach it however you want and it is so freeing to just put fabrics together like a geometric painting.

How to Make Quilted Stockings from Fabric Scraps

There are a few different ways I approached this (and please keep in mind that I am a quilting newbie). For the stocking I will be showing in this post, I used what I will call a ‘squares method’:

A color sorted stack of square fabric pieces.

I cut 5″ squares out of a bunch of colours and layed them out in a pleasing arrangement. I will be cutting out my stocking shape later, so I can just focus on making a general ‘L’ shape for now. Remember, you will need a front and back and they need to be opposite ‘L’ shapes.

I played with making half-square triangle (HST) blocks and other small blocks using those squares. First I laid out the pieces in layers to get a sense of my design, and then I went to the machine and sewed them.

Small pieces of square fabrics arranged to test potential quilt designs.
Here I am just playing around – nothing has been sewn in the above photos.

Once you sew the squares, you get a chance to lay things out again and make any changes. It is so fun to swap and rotate the blocks to get new designs. You may even add more little details by sewing additional triangles on or cutting up blocks and adding new fabric.

When you are happy with the design, it’s time to assemble the blocks in rows or columns and then sew those rows or columns together. I ended up needing to add a bit to the toe and the top because I underestimated my seam allowance. It’s easy to add! Just sew a strip together and attach it on.

DIY Quilted Stockings using Fabric Scraps

Cut your stocking out using a template. I drew mine myself, but you can find lots of templates online or trace an existing stocking.

DIY Quilted Stockings using Fabric Scraps

For the back of my stocking, I used all the leftovers from my front in addition to a couple of larger strips. I made a long column of smaller square blocks and a stocking toe from random leftover rectangles and squares. I quite like the result with the larger orange areas – it is nice to have ‘white space’ like this in design. You can also have a simple one-color back, too!

DIY Quilted Stockings using Fabric Scraps

Once you have your back and front, it’s time to start quilting! Sandwich your stocking top on some batting and pin in place. Again, I’m no expert – I simply quilted lines and geometric patterns to match my design. I did just enough to hold the fabric and batting in place and add some visual interest. I like that there are areas that are not quilted, too.

Fabric top quilted to the batting.
DIY Quilted Stockings using Fabric Scraps

I sewed my front and back together, clipped the curves, and turned it all right side out! I added a lining and sewed double fold bias tape around the top to finish it. I also extended this bias tape into the hanging loop.

DIY Quilted Stockings using Fabric Scraps
Close up of loops to hang the stockings by.

And that is how I use squares or little mini blocks to make this scrappy stocking. I love both sides of this one – it’s hard to pick a favourite!

DIY Quilted Stockings using Fabric Scraps

Another method I have used that is worth mentioning is what I call ‘strips and stripes’! I cut several 2″ wide strips from my chosen colours and then sewed them together using angled seams (like you do when you piece together bias tape). These angles look so cool on the stocking and have a wonderful angled effect. You can put as many angles as you like in each stripe. I tied them together using triangle shapes with my quilting. For the back, I just sewed the strips together, no angles!

DIY Quilted Stockings using Fabric Scraps

I hope you enjoyed this little post on how to make quilted stockings using scraps. Let me know if you have ever done this or if you plan to try it. I think you will find it is a lot of fun to experiment with fabrics and let the quilting take you where it may!


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20 Comments on “Scrappy Stockings”

  1. Love these stockings! Thank you, Helen, for sharing! This is definitely going on my ‘plan to try’ list!

    1. That’s amazing to hear! I had so much fun working on this project, I’m so excited for you to try it as well!

  2. Wonderful!

    I have always had problems with (choosing) quilting designs. You jumped right in and did a terrific job! It does enhance your stockings, and keeps the eye moving. I think the open areas keep it interesting. Good job!

  3. This is super inspirational and at the same time seems very do-able. My favorite crafting combo! Thanks, Helen!

    1. Thanks, Anne Marie! It was such a fun project, I’m already making more for the rest of my family 🙂

  4. You know, I just finished the tree skirt you had made and what an awesome idea to use those scraps for a stocking!!

    1. That’s amazing, Eleanor! How did your tree skirt turn out? The scrappy stockings would be a great follow up to the quilted tree skirt!

  5. Yes! These are beautiful. Thank you for sharing this. ‘Improv’ quilting sounds intimidating, but you made it feel very approachable. I also love that you went with a more modern/less holiday color theme. You are the best 🙂

    1. Thanks Petry! I also thought improv quilting sounded intimidating, but once you get going, you realize it’s actually easier! There is not such thing as a mistake!

    1. Hi Laura,

      Of course! I made the liner out of cotton and cut the same shape as the outer stocking. I sewed it together with right sides facing and then fed it into the stocking with wrong sides facing. The raw edges were aligned on the top of the stocking. I then finished the top edges with bias binding. I hope that helps to clarify things!

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