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Arden Pants and Cropped Jackson Tee

Cropped Jackson Tee in 100% cotton and linen Arden Pants.

Is Spring in the air where you live? I’ve been loving the longer days and seeing the crocuses come up. I have a gardening list that is a mile long and I’m so excited for my cherry trees to bloom. This outfit feels so lovely and springy, too! I’m wearing our Arden Pants pattern in midweight linen paired with our Jackson Tee in cotton jersey. This Jackson is shortened and I think this style is so cute with high-waisted pants or skirts, so today I want to show you how to crop this t shirt pattern. The Arden Pants are also on sale this month for 20% off if you are interested in picking up this pattern! 

Helen in a cropped Jackson t shirt pattern and linen pair of Arden pants, shown from the side seated.
Side view of the Jackson Tee and Arden Pants Sewing Patterns.
Grab the Arden Pants Pattern for 20% off!
How to crop a t shirt pattern like the Jackson Tee from Helen's Closet.

How to Crop the Jackson Tee

This is an easy hack to make and a good option for beginner sewists! To learn how to crop a t shirt pattern like the Jackson Tee, first you need to decide how long you want your top to be and then add the hem allowance. Next trim your pattern to that length to shorten the pattern! Make sure to follow the slightly curved hem on the front pattern. My Jackson Tee is 20” from shoulder to hem (finished measurement).  

Technical illustration: how to crop a t shirt sewing pattern like the Jackson Tee.

Since Jackson is pretty voluminous around the waist and hips, it may feel a bit breezy around the hem when it’s cropped. You can take the shirt in at the sides to taper it a bit and mitigate any draft. I didn’t do this on mine because I like the volume, but it’s up to you!

Technical illustration: Adjusting the side seam when cropping a t shirt pattern like Jackson.
Helen wearing a cropped t shirt pattern (Jackson Tee) paired with linen pants (Arden pants sewing pattern).
Back view of the cropped Jackson Tee pattern.
Jackson Tee and Arden Pants Sewing Patterns, shown seated.

Make Details:

Helen’s Measurements: High Bust (42″), Full Bust (45″), Waist (35″), Hips (47″)

Height: 5’9.5”

Size Made: 18

Adjustments: Cropped the Jackson Tee (see above for instructions), and lengthened the Arden Pants 1” at the rise and 1” at the leg. 

Fabrics: Striped cotton jersey and 6oz Linen from Blackbird Fabrics

Helen modeling her cropped Jackson Tee paired with burgundy Arden pants, with her hands in her pockets and looking to the side.
Back view of Helen's outfit: a cropped t shirt and linen pants. Sewing patterns are the Jackson Tee and Arden Pants from Helen's Closet Patterns.

I love using a midweight linen like this for the Arden Pants. This is view A of Arden without the jogger cuffs. I like to turn the hem up but you can wear them straight as well. These pants have the perfect amount of ease to feel super comfortable without feeling too baggy. They also have front and back pockets! 

Learn how to crop a t shirt pattern like the Jackson Tee and pair it with cure high waisted pants like the Arden Pants sewing pattern.
Jackson Tee and Arden Pants Sewing Patterns from Helen's Closet Patterns

Arden makes a great project for anyone who wants to get into pants sewing! The pattern features topstitching and pants construction techniques that give you the opportunity to level up your sewing. Next stop—jeans making! I love how forgiving elastic waist pants are in terms of fit, so you have a high chance of ending up with a pair of pants that fit well and are really comfortable for your day-to-day. 

Close up of the cropped Jackson Tee.
Helen looks over her shoulder wearing her cropped Jackson Tee.

I hope you enjoyed checking out my new Spring outfit! You can find the patterns here: Jackson Tee and Arden Pants. Grab Arden for 20% off this month! 

Happy sewing!

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  1. I am launching into pant sewing… again. Is the 1″ added to the rise in both the front and the back? I will start with muslim this time!

  2. Wondering what you think about doing a peplum ruffle along the bottom of this top. Is sewing a ruffle with knit different than doing it with woven?

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