Helen's Ashton Top with Sleeves Sleepwear Set

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Ashton Pajama Set

Sewing pajamas with the Ashton Top

I’ve got a fun outfit project to share with you today! This pajama set uses our Ashton Top and Sleeve Expansion Pack for the top half and self-drafted shorts for the bottom. I am considering making these cute petal shorts into a pattern—comment on this post if you are interested! 

Helen's Ashton Top with Sleeves Sleepwear Set

The Ashton Top and Ashton Sleeve Expansion Pack are on sale during the month of May for 20% off, no coupon code required.

Sewing pajamas in a rayon dot fabric.
Close up of the petal sleeve on the Ashton Top sleeve expansion - perfect for sewing pajamas!

This Ashton Top was sewn up when we were working on the expansion pack, and I could not get the idea out of my head that this fabric looked like pajama fabric. Something about this tiny-dot rayon just screamed sleepwear to me so I had this top languishing on a hanger in my studio for quite some time. Eventually I thought “Why not make matching PJ bottoms?”. 

Helen's self-drafted pajama shorts in her Ashton Top pajama set.
Helen's Ashton Top with Sleeves Sleepwear Set
Helen's Ashton Top with Sleeves Sleepwear Set

These cute petal shorts were inspired by the Ashton petal sleeve and I love the way the shapes match. I self-drafted these elastic-waist shorts and I am really pleased with how they turned out. They are super comfortable and really fun to wear. The only downside is—no pockets! Thankfully I don’t need them in my PJs.

Helen's Ashton Top with Sleeves Sleepwear Set
Sewing pajamas using the Ashton Top and self drafted shorts.

I decided to use the same green dotted fabric for an accent on my black rayon crepe shorts. I cut bias strips, folded them in half, and sewed them onto the petal shape on the shorts. I then serged the edge and pressed it towards the shorts and topstitched! I like how easy this application of bias is, it is almost like flat-piping. I also used the green fabric for the drawstring!

How to finish shorts with bias binding.
Helen's pajama sewing set.
Helen's Ashton Top with Sleeves Sleepwear Set

Once my set was complete I decided to make a matching hair scrunchie to go with it. How could I resist! I love that you can use scraps from your projects to make matching accessories like face masks, scrunchies, headbands or wraps, scarves—you name it! There are so many tutorials out there on how to make scrunchies, if you Google it or search on YouTube, you will find one that works for you! 

Close up of the scrunchie Helen made while sewing pajamas.
Helen's Ashton Top with Sleeves Sleepwear Set. Sewing pajamas is easy with the right fabric and pattern match!

I love this PJ set! The Ashton is two sizes too big for me, which works perfectly for this application—you want your sleepwear to be extra-comfy, right? You can size up on the pattern and make any Ashton that works for you. The base pattern will give you a sleeveless top, and the sleeve expansion pack provides FOUR sleeve options so you can choose which one works best for you. 

The Ashton Top Sleeve Expansion Pack includes four different sleeve options: short, 3/4 length, butterfly, and tulip!

If Ashton is not your thing for a PJ top, we think our Gilbert shirt pattern and our Jackson Tee pattern make excellent sleepwear too! 

The Gilbert Top and Jackson Tee patterns from Helen's Closet. These sewing patterns would make great options for sleepwear!

Don’t forget to grab the Ashton Top and Ashton Sleeve Expansion Pack for 20% off during the month of May, no coupon code required.

What is your favorite pattern for sewing pajamas? Here Helen models her Ashton Top with Sleeves Sleepwear Set

Happy sewing!

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37 Comments on “Ashton Pajama Set”

  1. I need pockets in my pajamas, because I am lazy & wear them all day long if I don’t have to leave the house. Couldn’t you conceivably reverse the overlap on the shorts & bang a pocket into the front piece? Hmmm…

  2. I love the idea! I also think they’d be cute as weekend-round-the-house shorts, too. I used to have a couple pair of running shorts that were similar in design and I loved them, too.

  3. What a great idea! I love those shorts. They’re super cute for sleepwear, but would also be great for running shorts (or just wear everywhere shorts, tbh!).

  4. Love the shorts. I’d be interested in a petal skirt, too. Also inspired by the petal sleeves, I’ve been thinking about the following hack: a petal skirt sewn on to the top (with a drawstring at the waist, like meganmakes’ ‘Ashport’ hack). I think it would make a cute ‘loungewear’ dress.

  5. Love this so much!! I just got the Ashton pattern and the sleeve expansion. I am really excited about the versatility and presto chango into pjs! I would love the shorts pattern, and I am interested in trying to draft them too. Thanks for sharing this

  6. I totally new these shorts in my life! Will buy the Ashton top in anticipation of the complete set.

  7. Please make those shorts into shorts a future pattern! You could totally wear them out of the house!

  8. The petal shape is really cute, they look great, and there is plenty of room to move for the legs! I love that shape and have been looking for a PJ shorts pattern that I really like for ages! Please do turn it into a pattern!

  9. These would be amazing running shorts with sew-in bike shorts underneath (not sure what that design is called).

  10. I would love these shorts offered as a pattern. I don’t need pockets in sleepwear, but if I used them as active wear, I’d fashion a little interior pouch pocket hanging from the waistband.

  11. Cute set of P.J.’s. Did you raise the neckline on the top? Love the shorts – would be a great addition to your line of patterns.

    1. Thanks! I did not change the neckline on the Ashton. This one is a bit big for me, so it is possible it was sitting back on my shoulders and making it look a bit higher than usual?

  12. I really love this PJ set! I’d absolutely love to buy a pattern of the shorts from you, if you decide to make it – I’ve been looking for a petal shorts pattern lately. That contrast bias/flat piping look is so cute!

  13. I made my first….definitely not my last….Ashton top last weekend. In fact, I’m wearing it today! I would love the petal pj shorts perhaps paired with a petal skirt pattern???? Thanks so much for another winner!!!

  14. I have just finished my 6th Ashton 4 sleeveless 1 with basic sleeves and 1 with the lovely petal sleeves.
    I would certainly love the shorts pattern .

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