Best Wrap Dress Patterns

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Indie, Darling: Best Wrap Dress Patterns

It’s about time for another pattern roundup post! I love bringing all the indie pattern options for a certain garment type or style together so I can evaluate my options thoroughly. I know some of you like to do that too and I am happy to share my findings! We are going to take a look at wrap dresses today, and as always, let me know if I missed your favourite indie wrap dress pattern and I will be sure to add it to the list!

Best Wrap Dress Patterns

This post was inspired by the Sew Together for Summer Challenge! This Spring, sew a wrap dress and share it with the hashtag #sewtogetherforsummer to be entered to win prizes and join in the sewing fun!

To be clear about what kind of wrap dresses are accepted, please see this note from the organizers below. I have done my best to only include patterns that meet these requirements, but please confirm before you get sewing if it is important to you that your entry is 100% legit. 🙂

“A wrap dress should have a front or back closure formed by wrapping one side over the other and knotting the attached ties or fastening buttons. It should not have a zip. We will also accept faux wrap dresses which cross at the front and are slipped over the head. We will not accept dresses that only cross on the skirt and not the bodice.”

PS: Last year the challenge was shirtdresses and you can find my indie shirtdress pattern roundup here.

Sew Together For Summer 2018

Let’s get into it! Click on the images or links below to go to the pattern designers website and see more. Patterns are in no particular order and are a mix of knit and woven fabric options.

Best Wrap Dress PatternsAppleton Dress by Cashmerette

Best Wrap Dress PatternsHighlands Wrap Dress by Allie Olsen

Best Wrap Dress PatternsVictory Patterns Trina Dress

Best Wrap Dress PatternsOrsala Dress by By Hand London

Best Wrap Dress PatternsYaletown Dress by Sewaholic

Best Wrap Dress PatternsWardrobe by Me has several options:
Wanda Jersey Wrap Dress by Wardrobe by Me (also available in curvy size)
Mirri Wrap Dress by Wardrobe by Me
Diana Wrap Dress by Wardrobe by Me (also available in curvy size)

Best Wrap Dress PatternsRachel Wrap Dress by Maria Denmark

Best Wrap Dress PatternsMidsummer Night’s Dream Dress by Papercut Patterns

Best Wrap Dress PatternsGillian Wrap Dress by Muse Patterns

Best Wrap Dress PatternsOlivia Wrap Dress by Named Clothing

Best Wrap Dress PatternsKielo Wrap Dress by Named Clothing

Best Wrap Dress PatternsPippa Wrap Dress by Designer Stitch

Best Wrap Dress PatternsKleid Dress by Schnittchen Patterns (also available in curvy size)

Best Wrap Dress PatternsMadeleine Dress by Republique Du Chiffon

Best Wrap Dress Patterns1940’s Wrap Dress by Sew Over It

Best Wrap Dress PatternsUltimate Wrap Dress by Sew Over It

Best Wrap Dress PatternsEve Dress by Sew Over It

Best Wrap Dress PatternsClaire Wrap Dress by Pattern Review

Best Wrap Dress PatternsLena Wrap Dress by Simple Sew

Best Wrap Dress Patterns

Options from Hot Patterns:
Madame Butterfly Wrap Dress by Hot Patterns
Wong-Singh-Jones Phoenix Wrap Dress by Hot Patterns

Best Wrap Dress PatternsReggie Dress by Seamwork

Best Wrap Dress PatternsErica Dress by Seamwork

Best Wrap Dress PatternsWren Dress by Colette

Best Wrap Dress PatternsCrepe Dress by Colette

Best Wrap Dress PatternsLliria Dress by Pauline Alice (wrap view)

Best Wrap Dress PatternsAldaia Dress by Pauline Alice

Best Wrap Dress PatternsStyle Arc has Several Options (left to right in rows above):
Tia Knit Wrap Dress by Style Arc
Kate Dress by Style Arc
Giselle Dress by Style Arc
Mia Dress by Style Arc

Best Wrap Dress PatternsLinda Wrap Dress by Just Patterns

Best Wrap Dress PatternsMiss Olivia Dress by 1 Puddle Lane

Best Wrap Dress PatternsDiane’s Wrap Dress by Silhouette Patterns

Best Wrap Dress PatternsMitchell Dress by Paddleboat Studio

Best Wrap Dress Patterns
Lastly, you can make a wrap dress from the Dressing Robe pattern! I love the Dressing Robe dress I made last summer and I have a tutorial post on how to make this hack here.

Sew Together For Summer 2018

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Helen Wilkinson is the designer and founder of Helen's Closet Patterns. She also co-hosts the Love to Sew Podcast! Helen is obsessed with all things sewing and strives to share her passion and knowledge with the sewing community.

34 Comments on “Indie, Darling: Best Wrap Dress Patterns”

  1. Thank you! I’ve fallen down my own wrap dress rabbit hole, and it’s such a help to have all the indie designs in one place. (I was picturing the Papercut Pattern dress in my head, but couldn’t remember the company, which was VERY frustrating.)

    Now the challenge is to make the wrap dress patterns I have, instead of accumulating a collection of new ones.

  2. Thank you for posting all these links to wrap dresses Helen! So helpful 🙂 Some I wouldn’t have considered wrap like the Lliria (which is my favourite).

  3. Great roundup! One more suggestion: the Orsola dress from By Hand London wraps in the back. Really want to try that one!

  4. Great timing Helen! I’ve been thinking of sewing an Autumn maternity wrap dress, I’m in New Zealand. Looking forward to giving some of these a go! X

  5. Love this for inspiration and love a wrap dress! A suggestion from me is the Dita dress by Wear Lemonade – it’s a super easy one and is reversible! xx

  6. Thanks for the round-up, just a couple of others: the Colette Crepe is a wrap dress with a boatneck front and open back, so that’s a nice twist (no cami required). Also, don’t know if Japanese sewing books are considered indie(?) but there’s a nice, unfitted woven top/dress/coat in Simple Modern Sewing by Shufu To Seikatsu Sha and an easy straight skirt wrap dress in I Am A Cute Dress by Sata Watanabe.

  7. Great run down of the Indie patterns suitable for the challenge Helen. Thank you for supporting #sewtogetherfor summer. Suzy xxx

  8. Great roundup, totally inspiring. Just one thing to note: As per the stated rules, “It should not have a zip.” But the Kleid dress above by Schnittchen Patterns seems to have one if you look closely at their drawing.

  9. I’ve never worn a wrap dress, but there are so many cute patterns, I may have to try it. One Puddle Lane has the Miss Olivia and the Miss Ruby Tuesday Add-on which are are woven/knit faux wrap dress respectively. Peppermint Magazine also has a wrap dress in its free pattern collection – although do dresses that close with a buttons count as wrap dresses or shirt dresses?

    1. I’m not sure if buttons count or not, best to check with the challenge organizers if you are making one with that closure 🙂

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  11. Glad to see the Gillian Wrap as it’s the one I use and I love it! I really like that it seems to come up a bit higher in the front and I never have to worry about it falling open or showing more of my chest than I want. I’m hoping to hack it into a maxi as I’ve been dreaming of a maxi wrap dress for over a year, and Sew Together For Summer seams like a great time to give that a try.

  12. Hi,

    Howtodofashion has the NO. 12 AALBORG which is a beautifully detailed 50s style wrap dress with a blouse option as well.

  13. What a wonderful collection, thx a lot ! Problem is, it doesn’t really make my choice easier :)… do you know the noch ein Wickelkleid bitte by schneidernmeistern, a German indie label? It has a great fit!

  14. Loving this pattern round up! I’ve been trying to decide on a wrap dress pattern, so this post is incredibly helpful. One option I’ve been considering that I didn’t see listed here is the DGPatterns Reno Wrap Dress. I came across it on Etsy – their website is

  15. All the dresses look beautiful! These are the great options for office, day night and weekend outing. Thanks for sharing these awesome patterns. I will try them.

  16. Hi Helen- I’m trying to find a pattern for a dress my sisters and I wore and loved in the late 70’s. It was a simple halter wrap around dress. I can’t find a pattern for this dress – any help you can give will be appreciated.

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