Winslow Culottes Wrap Pants

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Winslow Culottes Hack: Wrap Pants

These pants may be my favourite make of the year thus far. They are so dead simple but I feel like a million bucks when I wear them! It the combination of drapey red fabric and fun tie options that makes these total winners for me. I have full instructions below on how to make a pair of these for yourself, it’s easy!

Winslow Culottes Wrap PantsWinslow Culottes Wrap Pants

Let’s get started! For this hack, you only need the leg pieces. You do not need to cut the waistband or pockets. You do not need to make any changes to the leg pattern pieces, there is plenty of fabric for wrapping because we are not sewing those big box pleats!

First, you will finish the outer seam edge of all the pant pieces. I like to fold mine twice at 1/2″ and sew. You can also serge and fold once, or fold twice at 1/4″, whatever works for you! Do this for all 4 pant pieces.

Winslow Culottes Wrap PantsWinslow Culottes Wrap PantsWinslow Culottes Wrap Pants

You can calculate the length needed for your tie by measuring the top of the pant front and adding the amount you want for the ties. If you want really long ties, you may need to piece two pieces of fabric together. You want to cut 2 tie pieces, one to sew to the front and one to sew to the back.

Winslow Culottes Wrap Pants

You can make a super skinny tie or a wider one. For my version here, I used a 3″ band. (it results in a 1″ wide tie). Please ignore the loose threads that I excitedly left dangling so I could take these pictures!

Winslow Culottes Wrap Pants

Winslow Culottes Wrap PantsWinslow Culottes Wrap PantsWinslow Culottes Wrap PantsWinslow Culottes Wrap PantsWinslow Culottes Wrap Pants Winslow Culottes Wrap Pants

You have two wearing options with these pants, and both look nice in their own ways!

One thing you may be wondering is, ‘what if a strong wind comes along?’ Well, the wrap pants can blow open on the sides, but I have found there is enough overlap to protect your booty from showing. They also tend to drape open when sitting or crouching down (this I learned while petting a very cute dog!) so make sure you don’t get them caught under chairs or drag them on the ground! Be aware that this hack will show your legs at times.

Winslow Culottes Wrap PantsWinslow Culottes Wrap PantsWinslow Culottes Wrap PantsWinslow Culottes Wrap PantsWinslow Culottes Wrap Pants Winslow Culottes Wrap PantsWinslow Culottes Wrap PantsWinslow Culottes Wrap Pants

I paired my Winslow hack with my sleeveless Nikko top!  I love this simple black turtleneck for pairing with high waisted pants, it is just a perfect combo! I didn’t make my jacket, but if you want to recreate this look, try the Alina Design Co. Hampton for a nice jean jacket pattern.

I hope you liked this Winslow Culottes hack. Let me know if you have any questions for me about how to make this happen. It does work well for the shorter views, too!

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35 Comments on “Winslow Culottes Hack: Wrap Pants”

  1. OMG! They are gorgeous! So jealous you’re headed into warmer weather, these are perfect for Australian summer. How is it getting in and out of them? Do you have to tie/untie both the front and back?

  2. Wow, these are amazing….. all the ❤️❤️❤️ for the wrap pants. I will be trying these for summer for sure :-). Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. I have some pants like this that I got years ago in Malaysia – I can’t wait to try this! I have the perfect rayon to use for my wrap Winslows 😀

  4. It looks like Winslow met Kieolo and had a gorgeous child! What a winner, can’t wait to try this hack. The pants look great on you!

  5. I had a black pair of wrap pants just like this that I got years ago in Mexico. I’ve been on thinking about recreating them for aage because I always felt so chic in them. Thank you!!

  6. Love this because I tend to suffer from a really flat backside in many pants/shorts designs. The bow in back will distract and the look overall adds some major style. All sorts of new hacks off of this are running through my mind, like using two fabrics or tacking them near the top with snaps or something since we do have some really windy days and while my rational mind knows that they’ll be okay, my anxiety will go nuts even so.

    Thank you! I honestly hadn’t even thought of buying this design until seeing your hack!

  7. stunningingly innovative…..on a par with the the KIelo dress for simple brilliance…….wouldn’t they make the classiest bridal pyjama bottoms?????

  8. Hi Helen! I am definitely going to try this hack. One thing about which I am a little confused: based on the pictures above, it looks like the pants remain two pieces. Is that true? If so, then you must end up with two bows/ties, one in front and one in back, regardless of whether you wrap in the front or the back? Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi Nori,

      Yes, you will end up with a tie in the front and the back, that way you can choose which way to tie it. If you know for sure you want to always tie it one way, you could use a hook and eye closure one side and a tie on the other, for example. Thanks!

  9. Thanks! I think I may try that, though I do like like the double ties too…hmm, decisions decisions ;). I’ll let you know how it goes!

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  11. Curious about sizing when making this hack. Should I cut the size I would if I were making the culottes as originally designed? Or should I cut a larger size for more overlap? I feel like I need these in my life immediately! I have so many beautiful vintage rayons from the 40’s that would be perfect!

    1. Great question! I cut the same size I usually do – the large pleats in the design provide plenty of overlap when they are left out. Happy sewing!

  12. Did I miss something or is there no sizing of the different pieces? How much fabric is needed. And how big is each piece?

  13. These look amazing! I saw your ‘story’ on Instagram and now I think I need to purchase the Winslow pattern!!! Thanks for your brilliant mind and the ever-flowing hacks for your patterns. You are a genius!

  14. Hello. Do you reckon this hack would work for maternity trousers as bump grows, or would a gap develop as the overlap gets smaller at the sides?

    1. Hi Jen,

      I do think this could work well for early maternity but as you said, the gap will grow as the bump does, and eventually, it may gape too much to be comfortable for wearing. It also is impractical for using the washroom which would get old fast as your bump grows 😉

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