Elliot Sweater Dress Hack

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Elliot Sweater Dress

Elliot Sweater Dress Hack

This sweater dress hack has been on my mind since we launched the Elliot Sweater and Tee at the end of 2018! I don’t know why it took me so long to make it since it is SO EASY! I just lengthened the pattern for my desired look and sewed it as normal. Ta-da!

Elliot Sweater Dress Hack

This dress is a great fit for my style. I normally shy away from ‘bodycon’ dresses or skirts, but this one is perfect. Not too tight, not too baggy. It is warm and cozy for the cooler months and it looks really nice and polished with the right styling.

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Hacked Elliot pattern from Helen's Closet.
Neckline, close up.
Sweater neckline, close up.

To achieve this hack I simply added length straight down on my pattern pieces. As you can see, the dress does pool at the back. I honestly don’t mind this because I didn’t want a super tight-fitting dress. It also has a relaxed feel that is a bit more casual.

Lengthened Elliot, side view.
Lengthened Elliot, back view.
Elliot Sweater Dress, back view.
Elliot Sweater cowl close up.
Elliot Sweater sewing pattern hack.

I also think this sweater dress looks really cute belted! If you crave a bit more waist definition you can play around with a tie or belt to get it.

Elliot Sweater sewing patter lengthened into a dress, styled with a belt.
Elliot Dress with a belt, side view.
Elliot Sweater pattern hacked into a dress, styled with a belt.
Elliot Dress with belt, back view.

I hope you enjoyed checking out this Elliot dress hack! Elliot is 20% off this week! No coupon code required!

Get the Elliot Sweater

Elliot Sweater and Avery Leggings
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15 Comments on “Elliot Sweater Dress”

  1. Super hack! Am amazing photos too! you look lovely. Big question though… your fabric choice for this?

  2. What a great hack! Looks amazing and comfy at the same time 🙂
    I traced out the pattern pieces for my first Elliot yesterday, looking sooo much forward to the result! Do you know the content of the ribbed fabric? I don’t like the feel of polyester, but it may be needed with som ply to keep some structure, at least when it’s lengthened?

    1. Thank you! This fabric is a poly-rayon blended rib knit. 80% Polyester / 15% Rayon / 5% Spandex. I find it hard to find non-poly sweater knits with good stretch and recovery!

  3. I fully intend to make this, as I already have two Elliot sweaters and now rarely wear anything else, but I really need pockets – would in seam pockets spoil the silhouette?

    1. Hi Nicole! I do think that inseam pockets might make things a bit bulky at the sides – perhaps a patch pocket or an inseam pocket that is anchored to the front of the garment using topstitching would be nice!

  4. I love this! I am definitely going to try this. Did you lengthen the lines of the pattern straight down or do they flare out at all?

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