Vernazza Two Piece in Leopard Print

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Vernazza Two-piece

This is my most favourite swimsuit I have made to date! I just wanted to get that out there first because I am seriously in love with this suit. The fabric, the pattern, the whole look. It is so much fun to have a project work out like this and a swimsuit no less!

Vernazza Two Piece in Leopard Print
Vernazza Two Piece Swimsuit by Friday Pattern Company

This is the Vernazza two-piece swimsuit by Friday Pattern Company. I have made their Ilford Jacket before and really liked it so this is my second pattern of theirs I have tried and I am a fan.

Helen models her completed Vernazza pattern.

I lengthened the bottoms by 1″, took them in about 1/2″ on each side, and I scooped out the butt a bit to make it more ‘cheeky’. I usually go for a full coverage top AND bottom so this is a style departure for me but I am loving it! I made no adjustments to the top.

Vernazza Swimsuit, backside.
Vernazza Two Piece in Leopard Print

Another mod I made was to use power mesh to line the whole swimsuit. This is my preferred swimsuit lining because it adds so much strength and stability. I like this in the top and the bottoms because it makes me feel nice and secure all over. Especially with a top like this where the tie is doing all the heavy lifting. I like that the power mesh is helping to stabilize the suit.

Vernazza Two Piece in Leopard Print

I also added a little bit of black lining to the tie so that the white non-printed side of the fabric wouldn’t show through the power mesh in the front. I knew this would drive me crazy so I’m glad I added this little detail. I just sewed it onto the power mesh around the tie area and it is sitting in between the outer fabric and the power mesh.

Swimsuit sewing pattern from Friday Pattern Company.
Vernazza Two Piece in Leopard Print

The fit is really comfortable and I think it looks great. I never thought I would have a leopard print swimsuit but I love it! This print is a custom design from Blackbird Fabrics and it is such a great color and scale.

Leopard Print Swimsuit pattern.
Vernazza Two Piece in Leopard Print

If you need a boost of encouragement to sew your first swimsuit you should listen to our Love to Sew podcast episode all about swimwear! You can do it! Sewing swimwear is so much fun and the results are much better fitting and longer lasting than RTW swimwear in my opinion. Definitely worth the effort, I love my Vernazza swimsuit!

Love to Sew Swimwear
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17 Comments on “Vernazza Two-piece”

  1. Love it!! I’ve been eyeing this for awhile- I will definitely make it sometime soon- great job!! you look fab!

  2. It looks great! I sewed them two years ago but it was it didn’t turn out well. Did you add elastic under the bra? I didn’t and that was a mistake. If I make it again I would have to add elastic and do an FBA.

    1. I didn’t add the elastic in the band or on the bottoms either, but I can see how it would help stabilize things. Perhaps my power mesh has helped with the structure?

  3. So cute. Love it. I haven’t worn a swimsuit in years. Might have to try this one. Looks very nice on you

  4. This is fabulous. I understand why it is a personal favorite. And thank you for suffering for your art by posing on rocks!

  5. Love this pattern and your choice of fabric! Looks smashing!
    Love this pattern and your choice of fabric! Great photo shoot

  6. I love it! I also would never imagine myself wearing leopard print, but lately I can’t stop thinking about it, especially in a modern looking print like the one you used. Super cute, lady!

  7. Fabulous suit and your addition of power mesh is a great addition. I haven’t worn a two piece in years but the coverage on this just might make it to be my next make, but then I need to find some animal print as this is seriously making me want some.

  8. Nailed it. Since you lined the whole thing with power mesh did you just omit the regular swimsuit lining all together?

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